The Hobbit: A Unexpected Journey (2012) Review

I never really liked the Lord of the Rings. Some people call it the greatest trilogy ever made, while others will even argue they are some of the greatest films ever. The people who believe in the latter will usually be huge Tolkien fans, knowing the book inside out and satisfied that Peter Jackson did a fantastic job of putting all the intricate details on the screen. For that reason, I felt a bit excluded by the whole trilogy. I was interested in the journey of the Hobbits and the battles, as many as there were, were brilliant to watch, but it felt … Continue reading The Hobbit: A Unexpected Journey (2012) Review

24 Hour Party People (2002) Re-View

Sometimes a factual narrative rather than a full on documentary is the best way of telling a story. I’m sure that Manchester’s music scene has got numerous documentaries about it, some of which are very good. The bands that feature in 24 Hour Party People probably each have their own documentary, telling the story of their rise to fame, success and for some, ultimate failure. I know for a fact, the main subject of the movie, Tony Wilson, Factory Records and to a lesser extent the Hacienda, will definitely have lots of factual television about it, it being such a key … Continue reading 24 Hour Party People (2002) Re-View