Texas Killing Fields (2011) Review

Most murder mystery films, about police detectives hunting a killer, would be much better as television shows. Two hours, even if you make your film pacy and straight-forward, will never really be enough to develop your heroes, giving them compelling backstorys, present enough suspects to make the murder mystery interesting and also throw-up red herrings to keep the audience on their toes. A tv show offers you this opportunity and although there are far too many detective shows on tv, a film will always struggle to have the same positive effect. It’s exactly this problem that Texas Killing Fields has. It … Continue reading Texas Killing Fields (2011) Review

Movies that should be continued as cartoons

Two things inspired this article, my Ghostbusters 3 “rant” and Napoleon Dynamite review. I ended my Ghostbusters 3 article by deciding that the only way forward for the franchise was not a third (and probably disappointing) film but actually a cartoon. Napoleon Dynamite spurred me on further because they have continued this film with a cartoon. I have already shared my views on why this isn’t working but what it did get me thinking about was which films should be continued as cartoons and why…     The Matrix This seems obvious. How cool would a “mature” cartoon set in the world of … Continue reading Movies that should be continued as cartoons