Mallrats (1995) Review

I used to consider myself a fan of Kevin Smith but when I look back at his films that I have seen, I soon realise that he isn’t quite as good as I first thought. You can’t really fault Clerks. Its original, pure “indie” and something quite unique, a film where nothing really happens but your attention doesn’t drift. Around the same time as I watched Clerks, I also caught Dogma. I loved Dogma, it was a film that effectively highlighted the absurdity of religion while still being very funny. From that moment on, I considered myself a Kevin Smith … Continue reading Mallrats (1995) Review

The Town (2010) Review

Ben Affleck baffles me. Before I started watching The Town, I asked myself, what good films have I actually seen Ben Affleck in? Nothing instantly sprung to mind. He didn’t seem to have that one film or collection of films that you reeled off when anyone asked for your favourite Ben Affleck film. Ask me about Matt Damon, I can do it no problem (in fact that led me to remember Affleck was in Dogma) but Affleck doesn’t seem to have that one, stand-out, famous role. Daredevil could have been it but it tried too hard to be like all other comic … Continue reading The Town (2010) Review