Aliens (1986) Review

It’s a brave move making a sequel to a film that changes the tone, overall pace and direction, compared to the original. It’s an even braver move when you consider how good the original film actually is. James Cameron does just that though. The original film was the perfect mix of science-fiction and horror. It was dark, slow and took its time to build the tension. John Hurt going through the alien nest, slowly and carefully, then the reaction as the egg finally opened, was just one example of how Ridley Scott managed to invoke the terror in the audience … Continue reading Aliens (1986) Review

Prometheus (2012) Review

Prometheus should never have been the prequel to Alien. In fact, Alien didn’t actually need a prequel. Ridley Scott has said in numerous interviews in preparation for this film that he always thought there was a story to tell behind the original spaceship where the crew in the original Alien found the eggs and what has now been called the “Space Jockey.” He was probably the only one… I never really remember watching the original and ever really caring what the story behind the “Space Jockey” was and why the spaceship had crashed. I was more intrigued by the eggs and what … Continue reading Prometheus (2012) Review

Alien (1979) Re-View

Where do you start reviewing a film as iconic and perfect as Ridley Scott’s Alien? The film is a lesson in how to do both Science-Fiction and Horror. Scott doesn’t rely on gore, screams, multiple shocks and surprises or any throw-away easy killed characters. What he does instead is build a suspenseful, clever, tense and thrilling film which is engrossing from the very beginning and left the film with some of the most memorable moments ever, if not one of the best science-fiction creatures too. It’s a testament to how Scott directs the film that it still (and in my opinion always … Continue reading Alien (1979) Re-View