Good Luck Chuck (2007) Review

Some films have great ideas but unfortunately just miss a certain spark. That spark can be anything, the script, the characters, parts of the story, the dialogue, the special effects. Sometimes a film is really good, bordering on brilliant but is just let down by one element which doesn’t fit with everything else. Good Luck Chuck suffers from this problem. The spark its missing is that it didn’t really cast the right actors. I’m not saying that the actors are terrible. Dane Cook does a decent enough job, as does Dan Fogler as his best friend but I was watching the … Continue reading Good Luck Chuck (2007) Review

Tropic Thunder (2008) Review

Tropic Thunder feels like it wouldn’t have mattered if nobody had seen it. I watched it thinking that this film was made more for every actor involved to have fun and mess around than it was to actually make any money. It’s because of this that I loved it! From the ingenious fake trailers used to introduce each character at the beginning to the countless, ridiculous cameo’s, this film was brilliant. It felt like each actor was trying to outdo the others and be as outrageous as they could be. When those actors include Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey … Continue reading Tropic Thunder (2008) Review