Project Nim (2011) Review

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was my favourite film of last year. It had a great story, fantastic action and launched a series that I’m looking forward to seeing the development of. At around the same time, a film that followed similar themes was being released. A film that followed the life of a chimp that lived with a human family, was treated as a human (to some extent) and then went on to a chimp sanctuary where his life may not have been as good as when he was at home. You could argue, with some accuracy, that … Continue reading Project Nim (2011) Review

Your Highness (2011) Review

If I watch a comedy and really like some of the action pieces and cooler parts to the story, but don’t find it that funny, does that make it a bad film? I made this argument in my review for The Switch. This wasn’t necessarily a bad film but marketing it as a romantic comedy meant it didn’t really do what romantic comedies do. It was a great drama but not very romantic or funny. Your Highness suffers from the same sort of problem. As a concept it’s great. A medieval stoner prince and his impressive, hero brother go on a quest to rescue a … Continue reading Your Highness (2011) Review