Looper (2012) Review

Before I saw Looper, I drove past a billboard poster which had a very bold but excitement-inducing statement across the top – “This decade’s The Matrix.” Now I love The Matrix. Its one of my favourite films (I even like the second one but I won’t get into that argument here.) So when I see a statement like that, I’m expecting benchmark-setting special effects, mind-blowing action, a very cool story and a concept that keeps you thinking way after you have left the cinema. I can see why that comparison was made. There are some aspects to Looper that are very Matrix. Its … Continue reading Looper (2012) Review

Good Night and Good Luck (2005) Review

I’m a history geek. As well as studying it for A-Levels, a Degree and now teaching it, I will always watch a film that is trying to re-tell a historic event, mostly for enjoyment but sometimes just to see how accurate the film is actually being. As most probably realise, films usually take a huge amount of “artistic-license” with their history and this is fine, most of the time. Good Night and Good Luck strikes me as a film that doesn’t need to take that “artistic-license” or bend the truth, mostly because the truth is as interesting as any fiction … Continue reading Good Night and Good Luck (2005) Review

Hall Pass (2011) Review

The Farrelly Brothers peaked very early in their movie-making career(s). I still consider Dumb and Dumber a proper comedy classic. It has the perfect mix of great, goofy, likable characters, played brilliantly by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, mixed with a story that kept these two great characters getting involved in chaos, danger and general, hilarious situations. It has scenes I can still remember, word for word, even now, as well as loads I have forgotten about until I catch this repeated on TV sometimes. There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself and Irene were the only ones to come close to repeating … Continue reading Hall Pass (2011) Review