Movies that should be continued as cartoons

Two things inspired this article, my Ghostbusters 3 “rant” and Napoleon Dynamite review. I ended my Ghostbusters 3 article by deciding that the only way forward for the franchise was not a third (and probably disappointing) film but actually a cartoon. Napoleon Dynamite spurred me on further because they have continued this film with a cartoon. I have already shared my views on why this isn’t working but what it did get me thinking about was which films should be continued as cartoons and why…     The Matrix This seems obvious. How cool would a “mature” cartoon set in the world of … Continue reading Movies that should be continued as cartoons

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View

I have written before about the negative effect watching a film that has a lot of hype around it, sometimes being called a “classic,” can actually have. The first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite, I’d heard so much about it and how brilliant it was that I went into it with huge expectations. I was disappointed. I just didn’t get it. People said it was hilarious and I had only really found one scene funny (the scene with the cow and the school bus is amazing!) I read through my tv mag recently and saw that a new Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was starting. Then, as if … Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View