The Book Thief (2013) Review

The Holocaust is an event that has been covered in many different ways in various movies. It is an event that lends itself to different approaches; consisting of various individuals, pieces and moments that make up the complete picture. That means that we can get a dark, starkly realistic portrayal, like Schindler’s List or a more mystical, fantastical view like that in Life is Beautiful. It can be at the front of the centre of the movie – being the main strand that ties all elements together or be in the background, playing out behind the scenes as another story unravels. … Continue reading The Book Thief (2013) Review

Real Steel (2011) Review

Real Steel both surprised me and annoyed me. It surprised me because for the first half of the film, maybe even three-quarters, I was genuinely impressed and really enjoyed it. It disappointed me because it suddenly seemed to become a ultra-kids film for the last half an hour and seemingly undid all the positives that had gone before. I say it surprised me because I watched it thinking it was going to be a light, Hugh Jackman vehicle, with him “phoning it in” and getting to act alongside cool, huge robots, with CGI doing most of the heavy lifting. While there are … Continue reading Real Steel (2011) Review

Kinsey (2004) Review

It’s easy to forget that Liam Neeson is a really good, Oscar nominated actor who has starred in some really heavyweight films, the pinnacle of which is probably Schindler’s List. He is doing a fantastic job of developing into an action star, Taken, Unknown, A-Team and The Grey are all films that I really enjoyed. Kinsey is one of the movies that bridged that quiet gap between his heavyweight, acting roles to something slightly more “mainstream.” It’s the perfect type of film for any actor to show off their acting skills. Neeson plays the real life professor, Alfred Kinsey, who pioneered the investigation … Continue reading Kinsey (2004) Review