Alien 3 (1992) Review

As much as people dislike Alien 3, there are actually some very good ideas in there! The film tries a lot to be like the original and in some ways, achieves that much more than Aliens does. The main problem Alien 3 seems to have is that it doesn’t seem to commit to one great, key idea and instead tries to do too much with poor results. It’s a shame because the setting seems perfect. To set the film in a futuristic, completely male space prison is a great idea. It is a lot closer to the dark, enclosed and potentially … Continue reading Alien 3 (1992) Review

Alien (1979) Re-View

Where do you start reviewing a film as iconic and perfect as Ridley Scott’s Alien? The film is a lesson in how to do both Science-Fiction and Horror. Scott doesn’t rely on gore, screams, multiple shocks and surprises or any throw-away easy killed characters. What he does instead is build a suspenseful, clever, tense and thrilling film which is engrossing from the very beginning and left the film with some of the most memorable moments ever, if not one of the best science-fiction creatures too. It’s a testament to how Scott directs the film that it still (and in my opinion always … Continue reading Alien (1979) Re-View