Stop making unnecessary sequels!

Peas, cards that mark occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc), Daniel Bedingfield, Liverpool Football Club and Unnecessary Sequels – I hate them all! Before I can go any further, I need to clarify what an unnecessary sequel is. In my opinion, an unnecessary sequel is any sequel to a film that is originally self-contained with a story that is finished. Usually the film is much more story or event-driven than character driven so superhero films and horror films don’t have unnecessary sequels but an event-driven film like Speed does! These sequels are usually straight to DVD rubbish that is clearly some studio executive seeing the popularity of … Continue reading Stop making unnecessary sequels!

Street Kings (2008) Review

I’m in two minds about Keanu Reeves. He has a somewhat deserved reputation as being someone who can’t act. He can come across in roles as wooden, repeating his lines with little or no emotion, regardless of what is going on in the scene. On the flipside of this, he has starred in some of the coolest films of all time. You can’t argue with what he does in The Matrix and before that he was even holding his own as a fully fledged action hero in the incredible Speed. Granted, neither of these films require him to pull out the … Continue reading Street Kings (2008) Review