The Change-Up (2011) Review

By copying an idea that has already been done a few times, you are almost setting yourself up for an automatic fail. Most people will see the idea, usually in the trailer, and decide that they’ve seen it all before and that it’s another “lazy movie” rather than something unique. You can certainly make that argument with The Change-Up which bares more than a passing resemblance to both Freaky Friday (which itself has been remade once at least) or Vice-Versa, which is the same as Freaky Friday but with Father/Son rather than Mother/Daughter. Add that to the fact that in many … Continue reading The Change-Up (2011) Review

Bridesmaids (2011) Review

Any film should be very careful about associating itself with a successful film from the past. You always see on posters things like “from the makers of” or “from the producers of” or in the case of Bridesmaids “Better than…” The last one is usually from a critic, a small soundbite from someone who liked the film. That isn’t something the filmmakers can control but then again, they don’t have to put it on the cover of the DVD box. It’s the biggest part of the Bridesmaids DVD box. Right at the top, “Better than the Hangover.” This was actually from Cosmopolitan magazine … Continue reading Bridesmaids (2011) Review

Limitless (2011) Review

Bradley Cooper is becoming an actor to keep your eye on. He has already proved that he can hold his own amongst an ensemble of very cool actors like Liam Neeson and Sharlto Copley in The A-Team and to a lesser extent, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms in the Hangover. I hadn’t really seen him hold his own and carry a film himself, until I watched Limitless. Bradley Cooper does a great job of carrying this film. He has shown he isn’t a lightweight, good-looking, comedy actor but someone who can play a part that requires a performance which is slightly more dramatic. … Continue reading Limitless (2011) Review

Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

American Pie has a lot to answer for. Back when American Pie was released, it was a film like no other. Porky’s had been around in the 70’s but American Pie was really the first of that “teen gross-out movie” that spurned Road Trip, Euro Trip and a host of other imitators. It appealed to the 16 – 25 (roughly) demographic and was ridiculously successful. It was genuinely funny, poignant in places and had moments that people could talk about at school/college/work the next day. Then we grew up. American Pie 2 was brilliant but American Pie 3 tried to keep the … Continue reading Horrible Bosses (2011) Review