Tangled (2010) Review

The best Disney film is Aladdin. It has the perfect Disney animated film formula. It’s a classic, well-known story brought up-to-date. It has brilliant songs with amazing scenes to go with them. It has a great hero, a strong female character and an amazing villain. Best of all, it slowly builds to a huge set-piece finale which tests the main character and makes it feel like he is overcoming the odds. Look back at the best Disney films; Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast. They all follow the same formula and although that would usually be something I would … Continue reading Tangled (2010) Review

The Smurfs (2011) Review

LoveFilm made me watch The Smurfs. A bold claim but I’ll explain. I have three lists on my LoveFilm, a “Priority” list of all the films I want to watch, a “Random” list of films I’m only generally interested in and a “Girlfriend” list, of films that both me and my girlfriend want to watch for when we are together. The Smurfs were on my “Random” list. I’m not completely free from blame, I did add The Smurfs to my LoveFilm list but I added it to the “Random” one because that list also had over 300 other films on there too. … Continue reading The Smurfs (2011) Review