Moneyball (2011) Review

It’s a bold move to make a sports film that shows very little of the actual sport in question. When you watch a sports film, you expect a host of clichés that you accept willingly. The team will be in a disastrous situation at the beginning of the movie, a new entity will enter, a coach or player, who will struggle but will eventually win-over the team. The team will lose, then begin to win, and then have a final game which will be make or break for everyone involved. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the outcome of the match will be because ultimately, … Continue reading Moneyball (2011) Review

30 Minutes or Less (2011) Review

Since seeing him in Zombieland, Adventureland and of course, Social Network, I’ll watch pretty much anything with Jesse Eisenberg in. He’s carved out a great niche character for himself, an awkward, geeky but fast-talking guy who fits into the zombie apocalypse as comfortably as he does running a multi-million company. You could argue that his character is very similar from film to film, even when he’s playing Mark Zuckerberg, he seems to play a likable, awkward but intelligent guy who is just trying to do his best to get by (ok, not exactly Zuckerberg.) Where that is killing Michael Cera’s … Continue reading 30 Minutes or Less (2011) Review

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Review

Tom Hanks is the quintessential “intelligent actor.” What I mean by that is I don’t know the last time I saw Tom Hanks in a bad film. Tom Hanks probably wouldn’t be on the top of anyone’s “best ever actors list.” He would certainly be near the top, maybe making top five and I’d argue always top ten but hardly ever number one but if you look at some of the people put in higher regard, some of their film choices are a bit dodgy. The classic duo is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. There is no doubt that these two are … Continue reading Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Review

Adventureland (2009) Review

Jesse Eisenberg is on the brink of acting greatness! I don’t think he’s quite a household name yet. I’m sure I could say “Jesse Eisenberg is a really good actor” and most people would say “who?” until I added, “the guy from Social Network.” I make this bold statement about his “acting greatness” because at the moment he is on a 100% success rate with the films I’ve seen him in. In Social Network he was perfect as the pretentious, arrogant but ultimately brilliant Mark Zuckerberg. In Zombieland he played the same sort of character but with a much more awkward, … Continue reading Adventureland (2009) Review