Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

I really like the idea of updating or remaking classic fairytales for a modern, movie audience. Not necessarily making them darker but there is definitely a draw towards telling these stories in their full, dark, original versions. A lot of these fairytales were not intended to be told as bedtime stories and if you go back to the source material, they are full of a lot of much more mature material and do not always end with a “happily ever after.” Even though I haven’t seen either of the new Snow White movies, I do like the look of the “and … Continue reading Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

Adventureland (2009) Review

Jesse Eisenberg is on the brink of acting greatness! I don’t think he’s quite a household name yet. I’m sure I could say “Jesse Eisenberg is a really good actor” and most people would say “who?” until I added, “the guy from Social Network.” I make this bold statement about his “acting greatness” because at the moment he is on a 100% success rate with the films I’ve seen him in. In Social Network he was perfect as the pretentious, arrogant but ultimately brilliant Mark Zuckerberg. In Zombieland he played the same sort of character but with a much more awkward, … Continue reading Adventureland (2009) Review