The Views from the Sofa Podcast

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As if the blog and site wasn’t enough – we now have a Podcast! Below is all the links to the episodes so far so just click on the appropriate link and listen. You can also search and subscribe on iTunes directly, through most podcast apps (like Stitcher) as well as listen directly online. Please subscribe, comment and tell your friends.

Season 1

Sofa Pod 1: Ben V Adam: Dawn of Sofa

Sofa Pod 2: Saving Private Sofa

Sofa Pod 3: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Sofa Robert Ford

Sofa Pod 4: Punch Drunk Sofa

Sofa Pod 5: Dial M for Sofa

Sofa Pod 6: Confessions of a Dangerous Sofa

Sofa Pod 7: Willy Wonka and the Sofa Factory

Sofa Pod 8: The Sofa of Dr Caligari

Sofa Pod 9: The Blair Sofa Project

Sofa Pod 10: It’s a Wonderful Sofa

Sofa Pod 11: Best Sofa in a Supporting Role

Season 2

Sofa Pod 1: Sofa and Furious

Sofa Pod 2: A Sofa on Elm Street

Sofa Pod 3: A Ghost in the Sofa

Sofa Pod 4: 2018 Sofa So Good

Sofa Pod 5: The Award for Best Sofa Goes to…

Spoiler-Filled Avengers: Infinity War Special

Spoiler-Filled Solo: A Star Wars Story Special

Sofa Pod 6: Resident Sofa

VftS Special: Top 5s

VftS Special: Top 5s Part 2

Sofa Pod 7: Dwayne “The Sofa” Johnson

VftS Spoiler-filled Mission: Impossible – Fallout special

Sofa Pod 8: The 100 Greatest Movies (Part 1)

Sofa Pod 8: The 100 Greatest Movies (Part 2)

Views from the Sofa Fix Will Smith

Sofa Pod 9: Sofa Story

Views from the Sofa Fix the DC Universe

Venom from the Sofa

Sofa Pod 10: Night of the Living Sofa

Top 5s (November Special)

Top 5: Movie Titles Special

Sofa Pod 11: The Christmas Special

Spoiler-Filled Aquaman Special

Season 3

Episode 1: The Reboot

Episode 2: Cliches

Episode 3: Best of the 70s

Episode 4: Oscars 2019

Episode 5: Oscars Reactions 2019

Episode 6: Spoiler-Filled Captain Marvel Special

Episode 7: Top 5 Movie Universes

Episode 8: Spoiler-Filled Shazam! Special

Episode 9: Spoiler-Filled Avengers Endgame Special

Episode 10: Best of the 80s

Episode 11: When 2019 was the future

Episode 12: Aladdin Special

Episode 13: Greatest Movie Openings

Episode 14: Spider-Man Far From Home Special

Episode 15: Movie Songs that are better than their Movies

Episode 16: Hobbs and Shaw Special

Episode 17: Movies that should have Sequels