Views from the Sofa 2016: The Resolutions


Last year was the first year I set myself Blog resolutions. These were tasks that were blog specific and I was very successful in some and hopelessly failed at others.

As a quick recap, my five from last year were;

Resolution 1: Watch at least 103 movies.

My aim is always to watch more movies than the year before! I beat this target easily! And set myself another target for next year (more on that later).

Resolution 2: Turn the WordPress blog into a .com

I have other bloggers to thank for that. Views from the Sofa is now and feels more professional and “real” because of it!

Resolution 3: Watch and review “the classics.”

I went some way to achieving this but it is a work in progress. I’ve changed the criteria (see 2016 resolutions below) but The Godfather finally got a review, along with every Bond movie, which contains some “classics.”

Resolution 4: Write a script.

Didn’t happen! Will do this year…

Resolution 5: Make some money from the blog.

Another failure. My aim is to increase the traffic on the site so it can at least qualify for Wordads which is a start if nothing else!

2016’s resolutions:

Resolution 1: Watch 120 movies

I got to 119 this year and purposely left it at that (so haven’t watched a film in the last two days). I liked the round, achievable 120. Seeing as I beat 2014’s 103 quite easily, I can’t see this one being a problem.

Resolution 2: Post every day!

This was a target I set for myself back in September and so far it has been very successful and achievable. This will hopefully lead to more views on the blog and more traffic, leading to Resolution number 3…

Resolution 3: Make some money from the blog

This is always the aim. I don’t necessarily want to quit my job but just make enough to extend it beyond a hobby. So increasing my traffic will be a huge aim for 2016. Any hints, tips and advice would be welcome.

Resolution 4: Rate and Review My 100!

IMDB have the top 250 but I am striving for the Views from the Sofa Top 100 movies. The best 100 films ever made. I have already started a list of must-see and must-review movies and they will make up the bulk of the films reviewed this year. The Top 100 will then be published at the end of 2016.

Resolution 5: Write a Script

Always my aim. I have wanted to write a script for so long but lack the time, effort and concentration. This year I will make time and make it happen… sharing the process and progress of my script-writing as I go.

Overall, 5 more resolutions for the year ahead. Views from the Sofa had some subtle but necessary changes in 2015 and although my views haven’t rocked the world, I’m hoping with a post a day, some choice reviews and the help of fellow bloggers, it could be a more successful year. Any advice you want to offer on the resolutions, feel free to comment below.

4 thoughts on “Views from the Sofa 2016: The Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your 2016 blogging aims! Hope you manage to achieve them and I am looking forward to reading your posts over the next year 🙂

  2. Some nice goals to set…posting every day is ambitious. Once you work ahead it shouldn’t be an issue though. I did my own top 100 last year, which was quite a big thing to do! Looking forward to reading yours!

    1. Thanks. I saw yours, a lot of good films. Posting each day is manageable but as you said, it’s easier if I work up a bit of a “backlog.”

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