Point Break (2016) Review

Once you have got through the top layer of Point Break, which is a movie of poor quality, there is actually a pretty good movie underneath. Unfortunately, it means overlooking or ignoring a lot of the major faults that the movie has. If you can open your mind, you may just find yourself having some fun.

The opening scene is that perfect mix of the top layer and the good movie underneath. It opens with two particularly annoying extreme sports stars. One of them is our hero, Johnny Utah played by Luke Bracey. He represents everything that is wrong with the characters in the movie, from his “hell-with-it” attitude down to his insistence on calling people “bro.”


You have to look past how irritating the characters are

What then follows is an impressive stunt involving high cliff faces and trial bikes. It is just a teaser for what Point Break will offer and it holds your attention with it’s stunning camera work, realistic effects and breathtaking views. It almost makes the obvious “Cliffhanger” style opening bare-able.

That is the balancing act the movie struggles with throughout. The dialogue is awful, with every character talking in sound-bites and “philosophical” platitudes. The worse offender of this is Bohdi, played by Edgar Ramirez. His motivations for his actions throughout the film make you want to shout “get a grip” or “come live in the real world” at the screen.

The stunts are impressive

This is then mixed in with incredible, breathtaking action. From the surfing sequence which begins the major stunts to the final climb which encompasses the finale, every sequence will leave you amazed. What is more impressive is the realism. There is elements of CGI in there but for every computer generated effect, you can also see the moments where a stunt man risked their life for the impressive shot. It is worth it and makes the movie very entertaining because of it.

These stunts are held together by a plot which actually has some merits. Of course we have seen it before, not just in the original which this movie hangs loosely upon but also more recent franchises like The Fast and the Furious (which this movie clearly wants to be). The idea of ten great extreme sports challenges is one of the better reasons for these “criminals” to do what they do and the crimes which accompany each give the movie a decent, original edge.

The dialogue and motivations will infuriate 

Unfortunately, every-time this movie delivers something impressive, the dialogue, or the obnoxious characters or everyone’s insistence on spelling out the plot, snaps you back to the top layer of crud which covers the movie.

Overall, Point Break is a good movie but it struggles to show it with the poor choices which distract from the great moments. The stunts are brilliant, the decision to use realistic, breathtaking stunt work pays-off but the poor dialogue, awful characters and their ridiculous choices always seems to over-shadow the great work the movie has done.

Rating – 3

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

The impressive, realistic stunts will always impress

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