Views from the Sofa: The Podcast – Episode 5: The Award for Best Sofa Goes to…

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The Oscars have been and gone but Ben and Dave still feel the need to dissect every (major) winner. As always they are here to discuss the big movies like Black Panther, Three Billboards and The Shape of Water while asking the all important questions such as;

Why did Shape of Water win Best Picture?

Why did Guillermo Del Toro win Best Director?

Who won Best Sound Mixing?

As always you can get in touch, particularly to vote on our poll which this week is about a new Oscar nominations category. Surprisingly, both Ben and Dave took this one quite seriously.

Twitter – @viewsfromsofa

Facebook – Search Views from the Sofa

The Website:

Overall, give the show a listen and comment below with your choice of a new Oscar category or better yet, come up with your own! Also, tell a friend about the podcast too, that would be great!


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How did this win Best Picture?


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