Trailer of the Week: Assassination Nation

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Assassination Nation looks like a violent slice of American satire. There doesn’t seem to be anything about current society that the movie isn’t trying to make a comment on. Within this trailer we see the effects of social media, hacking, blame culture, gun-violence and one person’s representation of the youth of America. And it all looks very interesting.

The trailer below is the latest red-band trailer and gives a more complete look at the story of Assassination Nation. For anyone that isn’t interested in the clear political commentary that the movie is designed to make, there is the violent, tongue-in-cheek approach that screams underground cult film.

Trailer contains scenes of violence and language which people may find offensive.

Whether this film gets a nationwide, cinematic release will be one to watch. It doesn’t look like the kind of movie which people will flock to see but may become the kind of film that many are talking about in years to come.

Overall, Assassination Nation could be a stand-out from this year. It has a unique look, a harsh edge and some ultra-violent scenes. Add some clear political subtext and you have a film which could become a cult hit. 

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Could be a 2018 cult hit

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