Easy A (2010) Review

There are some actors that just get catapulted into the spotlight, with everyone knowing who they are immediately, either for the right or wrong reasons. We’ve seen this in the recent past with Shia Lebeouf who found himself included in two popular franchises (Transformers and Indiana Jones) and also, more understandably, Michael Fassbender, who chose amazing films to star in, beginning with X-Men: First Class and continuing with A Dangerous Method and Shame and adding more credence to his name by appearing in this summers Prometheus. On the other side of that are the people who are delivering great performance after great performance but … Continue reading Easy A (2010) Review

Batman versus Spiderman versus The Avengers!

This is going to be the greatest summer for blockbuster movies probably ever! That is because there are three films that will hopefully set a new standard in Superhero films. The actual superhero genre of films has been so watered down and overdone that it takes something special to actually register. This summer we should have three films that will hopefully register. Two of the films are the end of a long process and another is designed to be the beginning. Whether by design or coincidence, the studios behind these three films have decided to release them in the same … Continue reading Batman versus Spiderman versus The Avengers!