30 Minutes or Less (2011) Review

Since seeing him in Zombieland, Adventureland and of course, Social Network, I’ll watch pretty much anything with Jesse Eisenberg in. He’s carved out a great niche character for himself, an awkward, geeky but fast-talking guy who fits into the zombie apocalypse as comfortably as he does running a multi-million company. You could argue that his character is very similar from film to film, even when he’s playing Mark Zuckerberg, he seems to play a likable, awkward but intelligent guy who is just trying to do his best to get by (ok, not exactly Zuckerberg.) Where that is killing Michael Cera’s … Continue reading 30 Minutes or Less (2011) Review

The Foot Fist Way (2006) Review

If you are going to stretch what is essentially a sketch show character into a film that runs for about an hour and a half, you have to do a good job of fleshing out his story. Sketch show characters usually have one joke that keeps being repeated in different situations. To then try to take that popularity and make it last for over ninety minutes is ambitious and something I’ve only seen work a few times. Sacha Baron Cohen just about makes it work. Borat was brilliant because he took the character but put him in “real life” situations. He just about … Continue reading The Foot Fist Way (2006) Review

Your Highness (2011) Review

If I watch a comedy and really like some of the action pieces and cooler parts to the story, but don’t find it that funny, does that make it a bad film? I made this argument in my review for The Switch. This wasn’t necessarily a bad film but marketing it as a romantic comedy meant it didn’t really do what romantic comedies do. It was a great drama but not very romantic or funny. Your Highness suffers from the same sort of problem. As a concept it’s great. A medieval stoner prince and his impressive, hero brother go on a quest to rescue a … Continue reading Your Highness (2011) Review