A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008) Review

You have to be either brave or stupid to play out your past relationships on-screen, for everyone to see, especially if all of them “failed.” You also have to be quite self-involved and egotistical. Its one thing to decide that you are going to analyse yourself in an attempt to make yourself happier or a better person, but to then decide that other people would want to watch the experience and share it with you is another thing entirely. Of course, my argument there fails because I was intrigued. I did want to watch and was interested about the idea … Continue reading A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008) Review

A Cock and Bull Story (2005) Review

The fact that this film had a unique style and structure meant that I was always, quite inevitably, going to have an issue with aspects of it. In my opinion, when a film tries something a bit different, it’s either brilliant (like Memento) or it’s actually only ok (like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.) The positive aspect of a Cock and Bull Story is that I was really interested in half of the film, one aspect of its unique structure but then bored or puzzled by the other half. The film is an adaptation of the book Tristram Shandy but also the “mock-behind the … Continue reading A Cock and Bull Story (2005) Review

Lord of the Flies (1963) Review

The problem some films are going to have is that they are a victim of the time they were made. Some films are classed as timeless because they tell a story that means you can overlook a film’s shortcomings or the film is made in such a way that it still holds up as watchable today. Most films will be a victim of the limitations of the time. The production will be full of dodgy cuts, shocking effects or terrible acting but will be let through because at the time, it was seen as a suitable or acceptable way to … Continue reading Lord of the Flies (1963) Review

The Fighter (2010) Review

Do the sports parts of “sports movies” actually have to be any good? To explain further, what I mean is, can you make a good sports film if the worst part of the movie is the bits where you portray the sport being played? I made the same argument in my review for Your Highness, I asked the question if a comedy film can be good if it doesn’t actually make you laugh. This is the problem I have with pigeon holing movies because there are plenty of films that do what they are designed to do badly but are … Continue reading The Fighter (2010) Review

The Smurfs (2011) Review

LoveFilm made me watch The Smurfs. A bold claim but I’ll explain. I have three lists on my LoveFilm, a “Priority” list of all the films I want to watch, a “Random” list of films I’m only generally interested in and a “Girlfriend” list, of films that both me and my girlfriend want to watch for when we are together. The Smurfs were on my “Random” list. I’m not completely free from blame, I did add The Smurfs to my LoveFilm list but I added it to the “Random” one because that list also had over 300 other films on there too. … Continue reading The Smurfs (2011) Review

The Tourist (2010) Review

  When is the last time you saw Johnny Depp play a “straight” or “normal” role. What I mean by this is when is the last time he wasn’t covered in make-up, acting goofy or part of a cast/movie which required him to play an eccentric. Don’t get me wrong, Depp is fantastic in those roles. There is no doubting that Pirates of the Caribbean would be nothing without him and that he was clearly the best thing in Charlie and Chocolate Factory (even if his take on Willy Wonka wasn’t how I’d have interpreted it). I saw the new trailer for Dark Shadows, the new … Continue reading The Tourist (2010) Review

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View

I have written before about the negative effect watching a film that has a lot of hype around it, sometimes being called a “classic,” can actually have. The first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite, I’d heard so much about it and how brilliant it was that I went into it with huge expectations. I was disappointed. I just didn’t get it. People said it was hilarious and I had only really found one scene funny (the scene with the cow and the school bus is amazing!) I read through my tv mag recently and saw that a new Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was starting. Then, as if … Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View

Attack the Block (2011) Review

Britain do quirky, gritty and indie films better than any other country. We were the country that gave the world Shaun of the Dead, Trainspotting and Dead Man’s Shoes. We have the gritty Hunger and Tyrannosaur and now Shame to add to our collection of brilliant British films. The British film industry gets recognised for romantic comedies, Richard Curtis being a huge part of that, and every year we can effectively produce a period drama but we are also good for clever comedy or gritty, real, modern drama. This leads me to Attack the Block. The perfect example of a new type … Continue reading Attack the Block (2011) Review

Doubt (2008) Review

Some of the greatest scenes in film have been when two actors, both brilliant at what they do, get to have a conversation. This can be a simple, mundane conversation, a heavyweight meeting of power or a dark, intense, engrossing encounter. Alongside the brilliant “McDonalds” conversation Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta have in Pulp Fiction and the long anticipated cafe scene between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat comes Meryl Streep vs Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. There is scene, practically the end of the film, where the two actors confront each other. The accused trying to find out … Continue reading Doubt (2008) Review

Sylvia (2003) Review

I watched Sylvia with one question going through my head – Why does Sylvia Plath get a biopic? It was about a month ago that I watched The Iron Lady, a film about the first female Prime Minister and a time in British history when society was in turmoil and a hugely divisive person ruled the country. Though it had its faults, it was for the most part a very good film and I never, not once, wondered why anyone was making a film about Margaret Thatcher. I understood why this woman warranted an hour and half of my life. … Continue reading Sylvia (2003) Review