Dreams and Nightmares Month: Is “It was a Dream all along” just lazy storytelling?

To discuss movie endings there are inevitable spoilers ahead. Read with caution. Research any number of “best or worst movie twist” lists and you’ll find sites which both love and hate the “it was all a dream” movie trope. Sometimes it … Continue reading Dreams and Nightmares Month: Is “It was a Dream all along” just lazy storytelling?

The Prestige (2006) Review

I think Christopher Nolan has the best start of any director’s career. I can’t fault any film of his I’ve seen and two of them, Dark Knight and Inception, are probably my favourite films. He doesn’t compromise on the direction of his films. They are never gimmicky, lazy and are always perfectly pitched and executed for the film he is trying to make. Memento was brave and compelling storytelling, Insomnia produced amazing performances from two brilliant actors, (Al Pacino and Robin Williams) Batman Begins and Dark Knight are the definitive way to put Batman on-screen and Inception was intelligent, creative and … Continue reading The Prestige (2006) Review

Body of Lies (2008) Review

You can have two great actors, a fantastic director and a weighty story but still make an average film. Body of Lies is the perfect example of this. The two leads, Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe, are stars that would attract any number of people to a film on their names alone. Di Caprio is fantastic in The Departed and Inception and Crowe is equally as good in Gladiator or 3.10 to Yuma. With two stars this big attached, you’d expect the film to be of a very high quality. The same with the director. Ridley Scott directs Body of … Continue reading Body of Lies (2008) Review