Dreams and Nightmares Month – The Launch!


Another month, another new theme. In honour of Halloween at the end of October, Views from the Sofa is dedicating this month to Dreams and Nightmares. So as well as focusing on the hopes, fluffy clouds and lovely moments that people experience in their slumber: we will also be looking at the darker elements of sleep with nightmares!

This means that the month’s franchise will of course be Nightmare on Elm Street (maybe even including the remake). As well as other dream and nightmare themed content that will fill this month’s posts.


Image result for annabelle creation poster
My wife reviews Annabelle Creation!


As always there will be non-theme related reviews and views, including the launch of a new feature! This month sees the beginning of a new contributor to the blog in a section lovingly referred to as Views from The Wife! (Be kind, it is her first time reviewing!)

Talking of new contributors, hopefully you’ve caught the re-launch of the podcast and will be dying for more content. Get involved by offering dream and nightmare related movies and questions for Me and Dave to discuss in episode 2.


Image result for inception
We discuss “It was just a dream…” endings


Or just get involved for movie options to review on the blog itself. Dreams and Nightmares has plenty of scope and if there are any obscure movies relating to either concept then please let me know and I’ll try to check them out.

Overall, October is Dreams and Nightmares so expect plenty of Freddie, some new content, new contributors and the usual reviews and features you’ve come to love!


Image result for freddy krueger
There will be plenty of this guy!


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