Kinsey (2004) Review

It’s easy to forget that Liam Neeson is a really good, Oscar nominated actor who has starred in some really heavyweight films, the pinnacle of which is probably Schindler’s List. He is doing a fantastic job of developing into an action star, Taken, Unknown, A-Team and The Grey are all films that I really enjoyed. Kinsey is one of the movies that bridged that quiet gap between his heavyweight, acting roles to something slightly more “mainstream.” It’s the perfect type of film for any actor to show off their acting skills. Neeson plays the real life professor, Alfred Kinsey, who pioneered the investigation … Continue reading Kinsey (2004) Review

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Review

I hate unnecessary sequels. I hate the idea that for nothing more than money, a film has been forced out of a story that had essentially finished. I have ranted about this before but I never would have included The Bourne Supremacy in that list. My initial impression of the Bourne series, before seeing it, was that it followed the character of Jason Bourne as he struggled to find out who he was and bring down the people who had brainwashed and betrayed him. That isn’t true! It wants you to think that is what it is about but on closer … Continue reading The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Review