A Break from Movies – The Podcasts I’m listening to

I’m pretty new to Podcasts. Two specific ones got me hooked and then I searched out others, based on internet and friend’s recommendations. There are currently five I am subscribed to, all of differing topic, production value and fame. As my first purposeful “Non-Movie post” I thought I’d recommend a few and hopefully get some recommendations in return.


No surprise here and the most obvious/famous of the podcasts I subscribe to. There hasn’t been a new episode since last year but with new episodes on the horizon, with a completely different story (so I’ve heard, I purposefully avoiding any new information on the series), this podcast still keeps my interest.

The original story of a boy accused of his girlfriend’s murder and the mess of the trial that convicted him was compelling and became a must-listen, with me and many others pouring over every detail and listening intently with every new revelation and first-person account. I highly recommend a listen but go in with no prior knowledge, you’ll thank me later.

Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip

I was a big fan of Scroobius Pip before he started his Podcast, with his mix of spoken word and electronic beats producing some of my favourite albums. His podcast is just as good as his music, with the format being straight interviews with interesting people. These interesting people differ wildly, from the famous (Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, Paddy Considine) to the non-famous but specialist (experts on sex and death, drug statistics or cinema). All of them are interesting because of Pip’s approach of going in as a layman, teasing out the relevant information and producing a relaxed but often prying interview.

Highlights have been Gail Porter talking about depression and mental health, Killer Mike and his views on politics and the most recent, a Live Audience Podcast where the fans got to grill Pip personally with great questions and even better responses. With almost 70 episodes, there is plenty to enjoy.

What Say You?

I’ve already shared my love for The Tenderloins and Impractical Jokers. In my search for new, exciting podcasts, I came across What Say You? hosted by Sal and Q from the hilarious tv show. There isn’t so much a structure as just the two best friends discussing various topics that cover school sports to the Saw franchise or interviewing funny guests. The stories they share and the clear friendship between the two makes for a very funny and very entertaining podcast.

I’m listening from the beginning and I’m so pleased I have at least another 50 or so episodes to go. Plus I’m seeing Impractical Jokers live in February and can’t wait!

The Chris Moyles Show Podcast

This one will split opinion. You either love or hate Chris Moyles, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. My wife hates him, I think he’s great. Since he came back to breakfast radio two months ago, I’ve been hooked to his weekly podcast, compiling the best bits of his daily radio show.

Moyles is just as funny as he always was and what the podcast offers is pure comedy. With a specially recorded intro and outro, you get something slightly extra with the download and although it isn’t the original Radio 1 team, I still love the DJ’s show.

The TestosterMoan Podcast

This is the outsider. I also have a slightly biased interest here. My brother-in-law and his friend have been producing a monthly podcast for over a year now and it is a very funny listen. No celebrities just real-life, slightly bizarre but very funny chat. Adam produces the games and general themes, varying from Manspreading to Crisps at Christmas (or quite ingeniously Crispmas). Sam (my brother-in-law) supplies the answers and insights to whatever strange tangent they have found themselves on.

If you fancy listening to a podcast which will probably never reach the top 10 but can be as entertaining as any of the above, then give TestosterMoan a go – it’s free either way!

Overall, these are my five current podcast series I listen to. They vary wildly and each offer something different. Some I’m sure you’re all familiar with and at least one I would be certain you haven’t heard of. Give them a go if you’re a podcast fan. Also feel free to offer your own recommendations.

Sam and Adam from TestosterMoan Podcast (You can get this image on a calendar!)


5 thoughts on “A Break from Movies – The Podcasts I’m listening to

  1. Cool, great list. Never listened to any of them myself

    My favorites are Planet Money, Freakonomics, and Making Movies Is Hard. Podcasts are a perfect way to pass time while you’re doing something else.

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