Finally succumbing to The Liebster Award


So it seems I’m going to do this after all. This isn’t the first nomination I’ve received but usually I’m so backlogged with posts and movies to review that I let these laps until it is embarrassingly far away from the initial post to bother.

This year, with me determined to post everyday, I’m finally on top of things and Tim, over at Filmfunkel has kindly nominated me. The rules for accepting the nomination are as follows;

• Thank the nominating blog in a post and put a link to their site in it.
• Display the award image in that post with rules of acceptance.
• Answer the questions posted to you in your nomination.
• Tell up to 8 random facts about yourself.
• Nominate up to 8 other bloggers for this award.
• Inform them of their nomination in their comments section.
• Ask them up to 8 questions of your own devising.

So without further ado;

The questions from Tim

01. Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? Neither: I hate Diet products! Full Fatboy coke for me!
02. Greatest monster ever is? (and why): I was trying to avoid it but you see monster, you think Godzilla and I think that speaks for itself.
03. Most favorite movie everyone else hated? 2 contenders. Lost in Space and Wild Wild West!
04. Most hated movie the rest of the world loved? Again, a lot of contenders: Probably Brazil, Mean Streets or Raging Bull.
05. Who would you want playing you in your own bio-pic? Christian Bale – with Christopher Nolan directing.
06. Would you rather read minds or know the future? (and why). Read minds. I think it would be both terrifying but very cool. Also much less scary than knowing the future and most of time not being able to do anything about it.
07. Would you rather travel to the ancient past or the distant future? I’m a History geek so Ancient Past. it would be cool to be able to experience the things I’ve read about (but only if I could come back).
08. Do you think you could handle living forever as a vampire? (and why). Yes! I think the blood-thirst would be an issue but the rest is fine. I’m not a big fan of garlic, going outside or socialising really. Would be a good chance to watch a lot of films!

The facts

I’m a History teacher.

I’m lucky enough to have a huge movie TV fan for a wife.

I collect graphic novels and I’m a huge Geek.

My favourite superhero/comic/movie is Batman

But I’m looking forward to Civil War more than Dawn of Justice

My nominations

My nominations are the last four blogs that followed me and another blog that nominated me for this award months and months ago and I didn’t bother to do it. Check them all out;

Digital Shortbread

Alex Raphael


The Blazing Reel

The Film Dump

My questions:

Only five and they’re all multiple choice

Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

Batman or Superman?

Captain America or Iron Man?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

James Bond or Jason Bourne?

Hot or Cold?

Cat or Dog?

TV or Movie?

Overall, there you have it. My first Liebster. Harder than I thought but different to my usual review or rant. Thanks again Tim!

4 thoughts on “Finally succumbing to The Liebster Award

  1. Excellent!. 😀

    You make a great point against knowing-the-future.

    Keep up the good work & glad to hear you’re on top of things!

    Cheers! 😀

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