Die Alone – The Best Christmas Movie never made?

The two greatest Christmas movies are Die Hard and Home Alone. You may disagree: You are wrong! This post isn’t about why they are the greatest but instead it is about creating the perfect Christmas movie: taking the best elements of Die Hard and adding the elements that make Home Alone so brilliant.

The result: Die Alone!

The story is simple. Teenager Kevin McAllister is visiting his high-powered, important Mum at her Christmas party in Nakatomi Plaza. While he is there, a group of international (but mainly European) terrorists, led by uber-villain Hans Gruber, take over the building. Kevin finds himself alone in a terrorist filled building so using some of the ingenuity that helped him survive two previous Christmases, he begins to set traps in the building to take out the terrorists.

You could have even had teenage Macauley Culkin back to play the main role

These traps are not your usual Christmas baubles but something much more fiendish. Using office equipment, machine guns and a little bit of C4, Kevin McAllister begins to fight back against the terrorist threat. Slowly but surely, he makes his way up to the top of the building where Gruber holds his Mum hostage. After a struggle ensues, Kevin manages to push Gruber off the top of the Nakatomi Plaza, uttering the iconic phrase “Merry Christmas you filthy animal… (SPLAT) …and a Happy New Year!”

Credits roll, The End! Now tell me that wouldn’t be the greatest Christmas film ever!

Overall, Die Alone takes the best of Home Alone (the traps, slapstick and Kevin McAllister) and mixes it with the best of Die Hard (the setting, the bloody violence and dirty vest) to create the greatest Christmas movie that never was…

“Merry Christmas, you filthy animal”

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