The Views from the Sofa Podcast!

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Views from the Sofa now has a Podcast! It is an extension of the blog; offering news, reviews and general views on all aspects of movie (and some TV). It is hosted by me (Ben) and co-hosted by podcast expert Adam. Luckily, we have varying views and viewing habits, mine being more traditional and mainstream and Adam watching anything the lower end of the movie spectrum has to offer (eg. Wolf Cop)

Unfortunately, our first hurdle is that (for now) I-Tunes won’t let us upload our Podcast to a traditional feed like usual so we are having to release this in a slightly unorthodox manner. Just as easy, just not as traditional.

Below are three different and easy ways to get hold of the Views from the Sofa Podcast;

a) I-Tunes: File > Subscribe to Podcast

b) Enter the following:

c) Hit OK, and the pod will download (it will also sync to the podcast app on your iPhone/iPad and update automatically every time we release an episode)

2. Stitcher

Our page is: and is updated every time we release an episode.

People can listen to Stitcher through a browser (on their phone as well) or there is a FREE app to download too (iOS and Android)

3. Listen Directly.

If you type: into your browser then it will show all available episodes.
Hopefully the above makes sense and you can (at least for now) use one of these methods to give the Podcast a listen.
Overall, exciting developments for Views from the Sofa. We would love you to listen and give feedback on the episode and maybe suggest what you’d like to hear in the future. 
That’s right, this exists!

3 thoughts on “The Views from the Sofa Podcast!

  1. I wonder why iTunes doesn’t like your feed. I use LibSyn for both my podcasts so I don’t have worry about my RSS feed but it’s probably not the cheapest option out there.

    1. Not sure. I’m hoping it is something that gets sorted in the future. We aren’t the only ones that have had issues apparently.

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