Potential sequels to 20 Year old movies

This year saw the release of a long-awaited Independence Day sequel. It has been 20 years until that movie was released and although it may be coincidence, it seems that the anniversary definitely had some pull on the sequel being released which means it could be time to look at other potential 1996 movies which could have had the sequel treatment.

Below are five movies due a sequel. To clarify, not a remake or reboot but a full sequel, with returning cast-members extending the story of the first movie. All of these films are 20 years old and begging for their story to keep being told. The first is actually happening…


This one is cheating slightly because Danny Boyle and the bulk of the original cast are returning for sequel Porno. Unlike the misleading title of the original, this movie is about Ewan McGregor’s Renton, Robert Carlyle’s Begbie and the rest of the Scottish clan getting into the adult movie industry. It is a long-time coming but if Boyle can capture the success of the first movie, with the excellent chemistry between the characters being a key selling point, this could be a sequel which really works.

From Dusk Till Dawn

This movie has had “sequels” but they have been straight-to-DVD fares and the TV show seems to be hardly setting the world alight. This movie would be a return for George Clooney to the vampire bar, or some other vampire establishment, to kick some undead-ass. You could even have Juliette Lewis join him. Wouldn’t you want to see Clooney back as Seth Gecko?

Jerry Maguire

When Jerry Maguire ended, Tom Cruise’s sports agent had managed to go it alone, getting a career defining deal for Cuba Gooding Jr’s Rod and some interest from other players. Twenty years down the line we could have the well-liked, moral agent lose everything and this time have to start again in a world much harsher and crueler than 20 years ago. Maybe this could be Gooding Jr’s return to the big screen too.


Are you telling me you never sit awake at night wondering what happened to the characters of Swingers? Did they make it big? Are they huge actors they always hoped they would be or are they still cruising the LA night scene, trying to get parts and women? For a sequel to work, at least one of the actors would have to be out of work and one of them making it big. You’d also hope that Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and Ron Livingston would return but who wouldn’t to the role which made them famous?


(What do you mean scraping the barrel?) Twister was the exciting, daring movie where Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt chased Twisters for scientific (and marriage counselling) reasons. Of course, this is a sequel so you couldn’t have Twisters again. This time the pair chase hurricanes (or just very large storms). You can see the title now – Twister 2: Windy!

Overall, take a look at the crop of releases in 1996 and suggest your own 20 year sequels. There are plenty I missed out (some for obvious reasons). The Trainspotting sequel should be a rare hit though.

You can’t make a sequel to a Roald Dahl story


3 thoughts on “Potential sequels to 20 Year old movies

  1. Cool post! Waiting with baited breath for the Trainspotting sequel. How about The Long Kiss Goodnight? I bet Geena Davis could still kick some ass.

  2. I think the sequel to “Trainspotting” would be a quick 20 minute visit to the cemetery, that´s the only possible place for those heroine addicts.

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