Has Ghostbusters done enough to convince the haters?

In what has now become classic practice in the age of the internet, a lot of people had made their mind up about the new Ghostbusters movie before any details were announced. What followed with each new nugget of information was more and more vitriol as “fans” of the original Ghostbusters series had decided that before cameras rolled, the new movie would be terrible and a blot on the memory of their beloved 80s series.

This was even further exacerbated when it was revealed that the cast would be entirely women! Four comedians, from SNL alumni, who are proven in many decent movies of their own (like the original four Ghostbusters) but because they have boobs, they can’t carry a proton pack.

“They can’t bust ghosts, they have boobs!

By the time Ghostbusters was released, the haters had decided that this movie was destined to bomb and be awful, forever being resigned to movie history and eventually forgotten. That isn’t what has happened though. Ghostbusters was actually good. We at Views from the Sofa loved it and although not everyone gave it five star reviews, it has had many more positives than negatives and hasn’t sullied the name of the Ghostbusters.

At this point you would expect those that were worried about their beloved franchise to think twice. They should be able to relax, buy some popcorn and enjoy another chance to see the Ghostbusters but with updated effects, a fresh story and a new look. This should have been music to any “fans” ears.

“Fans” should have been happy that this Ghostbusters didn’t suck

This isn’t what has happened though. The same day that the news reported positive reviews for Ghostbusters, news outlets also reported the astonished comments by Ghostbusters haters who couldn’t believe they could have been wrong about the movie.

Two examples below demonstrate how annoyed and then paranoid these “fans” became;

When people aren’t accusing the movie of hiring “bots” to say good things about the film, they instead accuse people of paying the critics for good reviews;


The first line of this post is particularly interesting “the reviews aren’t as bad as we hoped.” This says it all. The people behind these messages weren’t worried about a movie sullying the good name of their beloved franchise, or even that someone dared to make a film without the original Ghostbusters (all of which cameo incidentally), they just didn’t like the idea of a Ghostbusters film at all.

Some of the concerns “fans” would have are understandable and there are franchises which should never be touched or revisited again but the moment that the film does well or actually injects some life into a classic series, the hate should disappear and “fans” of the movies should be flocking to the cinema.

It wouldn’t have mattered how good the film was, they were always going to hate it

What these comments demonstrate is a plain answer to the main question: No! The haters will never be happy with this movie. Some have already made their mind up and decided that they hate the film without ever seeing it. This in itself is ridiculous. Being a fan of the original movie means there is something to like about this film. It has so many of the classic films tropes that you will definitely get some nostalgic goosebumps. Nevertheless, if you want to ignore it, pretend it doesn’t exist, then fine because it doesn’t affect the original. Nobody will now watch the new Ghostbusters film and forget about the old ones or think less of them because of it. This is just a new film with the same name, not a replacement but an extension. Not even a sequel, just an update.

Overall, the hate and vitriol that was fired at Ghostbusters, even after the movie has been screened with positive reviews, demonstrates everything that is wrong with the internet and “fans.” If a person would rather think conspiracy than just accept they could be wrong, then maybe those people aren’t really “fans” at all, even of the original films they love so much.

I guess bustin’ doesn’t make everyone feel good…


11 thoughts on “Has Ghostbusters done enough to convince the haters?

  1. Those reddit quotes you found are ridiculous. Why do these people care about this movie bombing so much? Do they think people will forget about the original movie?

    1. It is the strangest thing to be annoyed about too. How can something that you haven’t seen or given a chance upset you so much?

  2. I think the trouble is that you’re generalising people who have decided they don’t like this film already…. “the haters” if you will. Let me explain.

    Within the haters, there’s a small group full of sexist men, with one brain cell between them. They’re loud, obnoxious and ripe for quoting. There’s a group of bandwagon jumpers – people who don’t know much about the subject but join the movement anyway. And then you have people like me – people who’ve seen the trailers, read the articles, and made our own minds up about whether we like the look of this or not.

    This third group are probably the majority of your haters. I don’t really care how this movie does. How much it rakes in at the box office, whether it bombs or not. I’ve simply made up my mind that I won’t support it. Many others are in the same boat, male and female alike. Ghostbusters 2016 GAVE us a reason to hate it, you’ve read my post and know my feelings! (Spoiler for everyone else – I thought it relied too much on referencing everything the fans had seen before and had a terrible, terrible sense of humour!)

    Whether the movie itself redeems the brand is a moot point, the damage has been done for many loyal GB fans, and I imagine the numbers will reflect that.

    The point of a trailer is to sell the movie, to get you into the Cinema to pay money and watch the film. They failed here, at least with me. Will I watch it at some point? Probably. But I honestly can’t see how a film with all the content from those two trailers can hold a candle to the originals.

    Sorry for the long essay, but you had to expect it! Keep up the good work, no hard feelings. Everyone’s allowed an opinion. And if you feel strongly enough about something, you should always vote with your wallet! Please, don’t let the words of a few idiots sum up the feelings of a LOT of people!

    1. You are right, you do belong to a group which I mentioned, those that can ignore the movie and appreciate the originals and classics for what they are.

      There is a group you’re missing too though – the people actively trying to make the movie fail. These are the ones this post highlights. The people who are so against the movie, or the thought of the movie, that they can not accept it is actually good (which it is) or that it could be successful. They can’t ignore it and want to have it bomb! It was at them that this is aimed, stating that because there is a new Ghostbusters, doesn’t mean people will automatically forget the old Ghostbusters.

      You are right about the trailers, they were not a fair representation of the movie but I would also say that this should never be a judge of a final product. There are plenty of movies with great trailers which were poor and vice-versa.

      Though I don’t think any amount of convincing will get you in that cinema to see this film will it?

      1. Hmm…Maybe if I didn’t have to pay?

        Yeah, i did miss out that group. Small minded trolls who aren’t really interested in Ghostbusters, they prefer the 15 minutes of fame that comes with the hateful comments/youtube videos. If the film’s as good as you say, it should smash through this negativity. It’d take more than a Reddit post to keep me away from a film I was excited to see!

        Still, I’ll be glad when all this has gone away, and the next classic is being remade/updated. Back to the Future maybe? ooh there’ll be some anger over that one!

  3. This is one of the most fantastic blog posts ever. I completely agree with you. I saw the movie last night and really loved it (my co-reviewer husband like it as well, but not quite as much as I did). I do want to add that the trailers for the film are absolutely TERRIBLE and they make the movie look, well, awful. And it’s not.

    1. That has been an issue. The one aspect it needed to get right was the trailers because so many people were anticipating (or waiting to hate) this movie.

  4. Oh I love it when proving negative people wrong! I am also really looking forward to this movie! Great post! 😀

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