Trailer of the Day: Flatliners

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I love trailers. I think there is a special skill to putting together a good trailer. It must capture the attention and entice an audience but give very little away so that the viewer doesn’t feel like they’ve already seen the movie. Very few trailers master this but there are many that try and get very close. Every day I will highlight a new trailer which manages to successfully get me excited for a movie. Today is a remake which may not pale in comparison to the original…

As remakes go, this one could be worth a look. Flatliners sticks with essentially the same general concept: a group of med students who “kill” themselves but get brought back to experience the after-life. It is an interesting premise and has a decent cast to support the film, Ellen Page being a stand-out.

It also looks like a decent mix of science-fiction and horror, with what looks to be a good idea soon turning into something much more terrifying. The trailer begins to give a little too much away but what trailer doesn’t these days.

Overall, Flatliners is another remake but the first film is hardly sacred and it looks like they are doing a decent job of bringing up-to-date and distancing from the original. Could be worth a look for science-fiction and horror fans.


Image result for flatliners 2017 poster
The cast could make this worth seeing


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