Fast and Furious Month: The Views from the Sofa Podcast returns!!!


We’re Back! Officially a soft-reboot of the Views from the Sofa podcast we have great content for returning fans and brand new listeners alike. It all begins with a new co-host and slightly tweaked structure but we will still be asking the all important questions like;

How many times is a Corona drank in the Fast and Furious franchise?
Who would win in a fight between Helen Mirren and Judi Dench?
Plus… is there any name that doesn’t sound cool with the surname Rock?

Want to listen? We’ve linked it below!

Or head over to Stitcher:

As always it is also available on iTunes and most other Podcast subscription services.

As always feel free to get in touch at:
@viewsfromsofa on Twitter
and of course the website that began is all –

Also remember to vote in our poll starting 30th September for the best car in the movies…

Overall, Views from the Sofa the Podcast is back and needs your support. Get listening!

Image result for fast and furious
Would The Rock make a good Power Ranger?

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