Views from the Sofa Podcast: Season 2 Episode 3: A Sofa on Elm Street

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A month has flown and with it comes the second episode of Season 2 of The Views from the Sofa Podcast. This episode is all things Nightmares and Dreams. Dave and Ben discuss Halloween, the greatest horror icon of all time and how to make a slasher movie. We also answer the key questions such as:

Where was Christian Bale born?
Is Nightmare before Christmas a Halloween movie?
and Who Killed Johnny Depp?

As always feel free to get in touch at:
@viewsfromsofa on Twitter
and of course the website that began is all –

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Overall, another new episode of the podcast. Listen below or search and subscribe wherever you buy podcasts!


Image result for freddie kruger
Plenty of this guy in this month’s podcast!


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