Boy A (2007) Review

Boy A is both an interesting and brave film. Handled differently, it could have very easily gone a different way and become a shocking, mock-biopic, too close to real life to be taken seriously. Instead, we get a film that is well-thought out, underplays the drama and actually, somehow, makes you feel sorry for a character that many would write off from the beginning. It’s also very brave because it mirrors true-events so closely. Most people in Britain, over the age of maybe 20, would know the story of James Bulger and the two young boys who murdered him. They went to … Continue reading Boy A (2007) Review

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Review

I get nervous watching films that are based on popular characters, particularly ones I love. I get the same nervousness with sequels, films based on novels I love or anything that fits roughly into that category. The key examples that come to mind at the moment are Indiana Jones 4, Superman Returns, War of the Worlds and, quite fittingly, Spiderman 3. In fact, Spiderman 3 is the worst example of this utter disappointment and disbelief. I’ve never been so baffled, amazed and shocked by how you can have two films that are so brilliant, the ingredients for a third film that practically writes … Continue reading The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Review