The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Re-View

What if Sam Raimi hadn’t made his Spiderman trilogy? Would people treat Marc Webb’s reboot with the disdain and disregard? People were too quick to dismiss the movie because it was so soon after Raini’s disastrous Spiderman 3 but what did people expect? Imagine trying to follow Batman and Robin with another Batman movie in the same franchise. It wasn’t as bad as bat-nipples but Peter Parker dancing in the street with a haircut that made him look like one of My Chemical Romance wasn’t far off.

It was inevitable, with all the money, popularity and strength in the character, that another Spiderman movie was going to be made. The studio made the correct decision in starting from scratch and what we get is a film that perfectly catches the superhero it is based on almost better than any superhero movie before it. We finally get a Spiderman that is wise-cracking, moves realistically and acts like a gymnast on speed.

We finally get a Peter Parker that reflects the character from the comics

Even better, we get a Peter Parker that is truly dorky, tormented by his geekiness and intelligence and reborn as the superhero that will also make his world come crashing around him. In fact, that is the one major issue I have with this movie. I wish Webb had just bit the bullet and acted as if Raimi’s franchise hadn’t existed. I hate that Uncle Ben almost says “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” but decides to over-explain the famous and integral phrase. It annoys me that they have had to change the wrestling aspect of Spiderman’s origin when its such an obvious use of his powers and key part of the story. They both irritate me so much because the rest captures the Spiderman from the comics so perfectly.

My last review gave this movie a score of 9.9. Looking back that was a little high but it still deserves a fantastic score. The action is amazing and I still love the use of first-person Spiderman. The big set-piece at the end, although not delivering on its promise of a “Lizard Army,” does build to a fitting climax and enough of a satisfying, action-movie resolution.

A Spiderman done “properly” means we have great potential for a proper franchise

What’s more, the seeds have been sown for great franchise potential. A new Spiderman means new versions of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and most exciting of all, Venom! It means that these characters can be done properly and reflect the amazing comic book versions that inspired the movies in the first place.

Overall, I still love The Amazing Spiderman. It perfectly captures the Spiderman from the comics and delivers the closest version of the comic-book hero that we will ever see on the big screen. The characters are cast brilliantly, the action is intense and exciting and best of all, the story has potential for a great franchise. Add some of the better villains and a certain red-head and we could have the perfect Spiderman trilogy at last.

Rating – 4.5

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

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Can’t wait for this movie…


8 thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Re-View

  1. I may need to give the movie another look now that some time has passed. I was initially disappointed with the film because I loved the Raimi trilogy (yes, there are even parts of Spidey 3 I liked and Spider-Man 2 is my favorite super-hero movie of all time). For me, part of the joy of the Raimi trilogy (esp. the first two installments) was that growing up, I keep hoping Spidey would eventually get his own movie….and when it finally happened, what I saw on-screen gelled with the reprints of Lee and Ditko stories I’d loved and read over and over again as a youth.

    So, when it came to Amazing, it felt more like the Ultimate Spidey universe than the one I’d grown up loving so much. Plus, I had so a built-in affection for the Raimi films that it was hard to not be critical.

    I can see what you mean about going back to the origin story and starting from scratch…but I still felt like this story is well known enough that we could or should have started with Spidey established and then had flashbacks of his origin in this timeline. (For example, the way it’s done in the Burton Batman).

    I will admit I’m intrigued to see what will happen with ASM2 now that it’s free to roam a bit more and isn’t tied down to telling the origin story again. I hope like Spider-Man 2 it runs with things and knocks things out of the park.

  2. I was pretty resistive to seeing this movie, and so only eventually watched it on TV at home when I had little else to do.
    There wasn’t a specific reason for that, I wasn’t being stubborn or anything, I just wasn’t really interested, and didn’t fancy it… probably because it was a little soon after the Raimi versions, but only in that I’d lost interest as that trilogy had progressed (I enjoyed the first films, they just didn’t really grab me as anything special), and remained disinterested when ASM was released.

    I LOVED Amazing… I had low expectations, which helped, but there was just something about it. The character of Peter is portrayed perfectly, a great example is when he stands up to someone else’s bullies who weren’t originally interested in him, only to be beaten himself, he doesn’t quite fit into any group.

    Garfield is the perfect Spiderman, the air of cockiness without arrogance, and the wise-cracks during his fights are how I always think of Spiderman, and he pulls it off so brilliantly.

    I was lucky enough to see ASM2 about a week or two after watching the first one, and went in really excited… I wasn’t disappointed.

    1. I know! Everything I wanted to see about Spiderman on the big screen is included in these movies. Garfield is such a better Spiderman and Parker and Emma a Stone is also great as Gwen Stacy.

      Lizard was a decent choice of villain but probably not done as well as he could have been.

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