First Blood (1982) Review

Some films stand the test of time, regardless how long ago they were made. If we take the examples of both war films and action movies, then Platoon and Apocalypse Now are both still as watchable as they were when they were first made. The same can be said for Die Hard, a film still regarded as one of the best action films ever. I think your appreciation of a film will also depend on when you see it too. A lot of people see these action films when they are first released and they become the benchmark that others … Continue reading First Blood (1982) Review

Three Kings (1999) Review

There seems to be a pattern with war films, of any war, to either be a silly comedy or more commonly, a serious drama with an underlying, deeper theme or message. The old days of a fun war film, that had more of an adventure feel to it rather than a serious, heavy theme, seems to be over. I think there is still place for films that get shown on a Sunday afternoon. The kind of films your Dad tells you is a classic and you sit down to watch and find yourself entertained but not preached too, usually for … Continue reading Three Kings (1999) Review

Kelly’s Heroes (1970) Review

I think realism, the bloody, gritty, scary elements to war, is what makes a film from that genre successful. That is why I usually avoid any older war films, like The Longest Day, The Eagle has Landed or even Zulu. I always believe the best war films show the grittiness of war and portray the horrors, like Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket. I definitely didn’t think you could have a classic, comedic film about World War 2. I was wrong though… Kelly’s Heroes is funny. From the very beginning, when we meet our bombarded, desperate and dishevelled platoon of … Continue reading Kelly’s Heroes (1970) Review