Conspiracy Theory (1997) Review

I get frustrated when it seems all the ingredients are there for a great film but the makers or studio or whoever, seem to take the easy, more common or just wimpy option. This decision can come from a mistrust of the intelligence of the audience, trying to make a film fit in with a certain trend or style that is popular in other films or the worst yet, just adding a tacky, happy ending. The worst culprit of this for me is still I Am Legend. All the way through the film I thought I’d figured out the obvious … Continue reading Conspiracy Theory (1997) Review

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Review

Tom Hanks is the quintessential “intelligent actor.” What I mean by that is I don’t know the last time I saw Tom Hanks in a bad film. Tom Hanks probably wouldn’t be on the top of anyone’s “best ever actors list.” He would certainly be near the top, maybe making top five and I’d argue always top ten but hardly ever number one but if you look at some of the people put in higher regard, some of their film choices are a bit dodgy. The classic duo is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. There is no doubt that these two are … Continue reading Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Review