Downton Abbey (2019) Review

The British historical drama which balances soap opera style plots with the intrigue of a bygone time was due a revisit and this movie does a very good of bringing the characters back to our screens. In bringing Downton Abbey back as a movie, this film manages to be as ambitious as it needs to be, as well as offering something the long-term fans will recognise and enjoy. It isn’t without its faults though. From the outset, there is a comfortable familiarity with the Downton Abbey movie. The central characters all return and all fit comfortably back into their roles, … Continue reading Downton Abbey (2019) Review

Downton Abbey (Season 3) TV Review

I shouldn’t like Downton Abbey. If you put aside the obvious, blokey, masculine element, it’s a costume drama, and I don’t like costume dramas. I can’t stand any of the Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility or any adapted novel by a Bronte sister. I don’t even like Charles Dickens adaptations unless its Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol. It’s because very little actually happens. If I’m watching drama, I want to actually see some drama. I don’t want to watch people staring at each other, sharing whispers and being positively shocked by the insinuations another character is making. All … Continue reading Downton Abbey (Season 3) TV Review