Shame (2011) Review

Some movies, regardless of the story or message it is trying to convey, are all about a single performance. That performance doesn’t always have to be the lead actor or main character. It could even be one performance in amongst an ensemble cast. That one performance can often overshadow the whole film, or actually make a film that would be average, an engrossing watch. Shame isn’t an average film but it is a movie about a single performance. It’s supposed to be that way but Michael Fassbender manages to take this one step further. He isn’t just good in Shame, he is amazing! … Continue reading Shame (2011) Review

X-Men: First Class (2011) Review

The original X-Men film and its “prequel” are the perfect films to demonstrate how superhero films have been forced to change. Back when the original X-Men movie was released, it was fine to be all flash and very little in the way of story. The novelty was that you were seeing characters you had only been able to read about in comics or watch on television, actually shooting lasers from their eyes or bend metal at will. Soon though, that wouldn’t be enough. If you create enough of the same type of the film, something has to change. Fantastic Four, … Continue reading X-Men: First Class (2011) Review