Manhattan (1979) Review

Manhattan is a movie in which nothing too exciting really happens. It isn’t a romantic comedy but is a movie about love and relationships. It isn’t a quirky sideways look at relationships or a comment on relationships in society today, although director Woody Allen does make some comments on society within the movie. Manhattan is just about a man falling in love with the wrong/inappropriate person. It feels like it shouldn’t be interesting. Woody Allen’s character Isaac is not a man you can root for. He isn’t a lovable rogue who is just unlucky in love or a funny guy who … Continue reading Manhattan (1979) Review

Death Becomes Her (1992) Review

The really interesting, decent part of Death Becomes Her lasts about twenty minutes. I remember always thinking this film looked interesting because of the moment in the trailers that showed Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, beating each other to what would be death, but the both of them surviving. It showed Meryl Streep’s neck all bent out of shape and Goldie Hawn with a huge hole in the middle of her stomach after a shotgun attack. I was expecting a film where the bulk of the movie was these two woman attacking each other and the cool special effects that … Continue reading Death Becomes Her (1992) Review

Doubt (2008) Review

Some of the greatest scenes in film have been when two actors, both brilliant at what they do, get to have a conversation. This can be a simple, mundane conversation, a heavyweight meeting of power or a dark, intense, engrossing encounter. Alongside the brilliant “McDonalds” conversation Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta have in Pulp Fiction and the long anticipated cafe scene between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat comes Meryl Streep vs Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. There is scene, practically the end of the film, where the two actors confront each other. The accused trying to find out … Continue reading Doubt (2008) Review