The Fighter (2010) Review

Do the sports parts of “sports movies” actually have to be any good? To explain further, what I mean is, can you make a good sports film if the worst part of the movie is the bits where you portray the sport being played? I made the same argument in my review for Your Highness, I asked the question if a comedy film can be good if it doesn’t actually make you laugh. This is the problem I have with pigeon holing movies because there are plenty of films that do what they are designed to do badly but are … Continue reading The Fighter (2010) Review

Doubt (2008) Review

Some of the greatest scenes in film have been when two actors, both brilliant at what they do, get to have a conversation. This can be a simple, mundane conversation, a heavyweight meeting of power or a dark, intense, engrossing encounter. Alongside the brilliant “McDonalds” conversation Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta have in Pulp Fiction and the long anticipated cafe scene between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat comes Meryl Streep vs Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. There is scene, practically the end of the film, where the two actors confront each other. The accused trying to find out … Continue reading Doubt (2008) Review