Anchorman (2004) Re-View

They are making Anchorman 2. I’m going to let that one sit for a moment with anyone who didn’t know…….. This is hopefully great news but with any sequel, you just hope that it has enough magic to be repeated. Unusually for me though, I think this film actually does. I think it has a lot going for it and its all down to one thing… Will Ferrell.

I have seen a lot of Will Ferrell films and when he is on comedy form, he is a pretty hard act to beat. Anchorman, in my opinion, was the film that raised his profile from recognisable face to star and its all down to his creation of one of the most interesting, bizarre and hilarious characters that we’ve ever seen in movies, Ron Burgundy.

One of films perfect characters… Baxter’s good too!

Ron Burgundy has everything you need from a comedy character. He is stupid but unaware of the fact, he is surrounded by people as disillusioned (or even more so) than he is and he is so confident, cocky and sure of himself that he opens himself up to take the fall everytime. Not to mention the fact that I could have comfortably filled this review with quote after quote from Ron Burgundy alone and would have still been satisfied that I’d made my point. From the moment he appears on-screen, talking with the film crew around him, to the “reading anything off the autocue” or his first meeting with Veronica Corningstone, where he tries some cringe-inducing but hilarious chat-up lines, everything about his character is brilliantly executed. I could have easily filled this review with the best moments of the film too.

My favourite character in the film

It also helps that Will Ferrell is supported brilliantly by a great cast of equally as ridiculous and hilarious characters. Of his news team, my personal favourite his Steve Carell’s Brick who gets some of the best lines and moments in the film. That takes nothing away from how good Paul Rudd is as Brian Fantana and his scene with the Sex Panther cologne will make me laugh everytime I see it. (60% of the time, it works everytime!)


Christina Applegate is more than enough of a match for Will Ferrell as his love interest/rival. The scene where they are insulting each other as the tv credits roll produces some of the best lines in the film (I’m going to punch you in the ovaries) and when they actually fight each other adds another dimension to how extreme and funny this movie can be.

In fact, the film has a good story tying the ridiculous moments together and it never really feels too random or too unscripted. Where some improvised films can become a bit of a muddle and mess as actors try to “outdo” each other and scenes become too random, this races at such a pace that by the time one joke, as random and out there as it may be, has gone, another one replaces it. The most random sequence, in which the rival news teams fight, is so brilliantly done that it doesn’t matter how out of place it seems and is worth watching for the reveal of each rival news team and the impressive cameos that each one produces.

Some of the greatest lines come out of this scene…

I think there is plenty of life left in these characters yet. I have already heard rumours that the sequel involves a custody battle which I think holds plenty of potential. Will Ferrell has never really managed to create a character better than Ron Burgundy and that’s because I think he hit it out of the park first time. Giving Will Ferrell the chance to play this character again and unleash him on another story, I think, can only produce positive results.

Overall, a classic, hilarious and flawless comedy. It has a great story, memorable characters and classic quotes followed by classic moments. I could quote at least five key lines from this film to random people and know that I would almost definitely get a nod of recognition and maybe even a smile. How many other films can you say that about?

Rating 4

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the sequel.

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