Views from the Sofa is Changing and Expanding!

It was the Fifth of January when I first started Views from the Sofa. It was on recommendation from a friend who said that I should start reviewing the ridiculous amounts of films I watch rather than bother people with one sentence summaries on Facebook and Twitter. Since then I have been steadily reviewing every single film I’ve watched, as well as dipping a toe in the waters of opinions and lists that are quite common for movie blogs too.

I’m addicted now though! I have began viewing other people’s blogs, mostly movies but a few others too and they are much better than mine, look much more professional and do a lot more than I do. I want to start that too so I have decided first of all to redesign the site, not radically but I have created a “Views from the Sofa” logo which you can see above.

I have also had two major changes in my life. The first is I now live with my girlfriend, rather than maintaining a long distance relationship which means I have much more time to write reviews and views on films, like I first wanted to. The other change is I’m getting SKY on Wednesday (Yay!!!) so will have access to loads more films but also better television which is why, starting today, Views from the Sofa will also be reviewing and sharing views on TV as well!

The other major change is that my girlfriend is obsessed with music and wanted to start writing about it. Whether against my better judgement or not, I told her she could use Views from the Sofa to review or share views on music too. (She has already written some things and they are way better than what I can produce so I’m actually less worried than I may seem!)

Overall, Views from the Sofa is expanding. It will still primarily deal with Movies but will start to cover TV and Music too! I announce this because any feedback on any of the changes over the next couple of weeks will be greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Views from the Sofa is Changing and Expanding!

  1. So this is how the take over starts, well i wont let you take it over we bloggers will survive. Actually were a pretty lazy bunch and will be easy to defeat, god help us all!

    Sorry I have no idea what i was just talking about haha, the new logo looks good 😀

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