Views from the Sofa 2015: The Resolutions!

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Happy New Year!

A new year customarily means New Year’s resolutions and I have ones specific to Views from the Sofa and I want to share them with my readers in the hope that you may help me along the way.

Resolution 1: Watch at least 103 movies.

I managed to reach my target of 100 movies this year by watching and reviewing 102 movies. My aim is to beat that. With a Cineworld card, Sky Movies and a new Netflix account – should be able to do that easily!

Resolution 2: Turn the WordPress blog into a .com

This is the one I may need some of your help with. I want to transfer the blog from the domain name it has to my own domain name. I still want to run it using WordPress but make it my own .com. I may be pestering you for help.

Resolution 3: Watch and review “the classics.”

My aim is to turn the blog into a reviews database – somewhere people go to find out which films they should be watching. Looking at the list of what I’ve reviewed, a lot of iconic movies are missing – from The Godfather, to the Indiana Jones series, Die Hard, Gone with the Wind etc. This needs rectifying and 2015 is the year to do it.

Resolution 4: Write a script.

I review enough movies (and tv shows) to keep making a comment on how people should be doing it. I want to give it a go. This year is the year I write a script. Probably a TV pilot but we’ll see.

Resolution 5: Make some money from the blog.

The culmination of everything I want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be a lot but if I can achieve the first three resolutions, the blog should get enough traffic to start being able to make some money from ads. It’s a long shot but worth aiming for.

Overall, these are my five resolutions for the New Year. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, from actual advice and guidance to just stopping by, liking and commenting on the reviews and other articles I’ve posted!


9 thoughts on “Views from the Sofa 2015: The Resolutions!

  1. Have you tried WordAds yet? they are a good start- but i also am trying to figure out how to make a little more $ if only because bloggin’ can be time consuming!!

  2. Moving the site to a .com domain is fairly easy…actually you can already have a .com without moving if you’d like. Obviously self hosting has it’s advantages as it means you can customize more and of course run ads. Moving is fairly easy (have done so for two of my blogs), just make sure to read up a bit in advance. Good luck with these resolutions!

    1. Id have a .com of my own but I know nothing about HTML or anything else I imagine I’d need. Maybe I’m going into this slightly naively but I’m sure I’d be a bit out of my depth. WordPress suits me as a bit of a safety net.

      1. You don’t need to know anything about HTML as you can have the WordPress interface running on a self hosted site. So the safety net will always be there. I use Bluehost myself (where you don’t even have to do the install, it is something which is basically a one click installation). They are a bit expensive after the first year, but have no complaints about their service, really helpful as well if you have questions.

  3. Great resolutions, Ben! I’d like to start making money off my site, as well as write my own script. Neither of those made my resolutions list this year (since I have SO many!), but they’re both definitely in the back of my mind. Good luck to you as you work towards your goals. No doubt you’ll have an easy time seeing 103 movies this year! Have fun!!

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