My guess at the Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening

I booked my tickets for the Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening. For anyone unaware as to what this is, the UK cinema chain Cineworld have a “club” called Unlimited which means for £16 you can watch as many movies at the cinema as you want. It is the main reason I can keep the blog up to date with current releases as well as older movies.

As a perk they also run Unlimited screenings. These are screenings for Unlimited members only and are usually two or three days before general release. I’ve only taken advantage of one so far: Kingsman, but this month alone they are showing Unlimited previews of Bridge of Spies and Black Mass. On the 15th December, Cineworld show a secret screening which becomes known as the film starts in the cinema. That date is the important aspect here…

It couldn’t be? Could it…

Usually I’d sign up for this with no issue and have fun seeing what it could be. This time though there is a possibility, a slight, wafer thin slither of a possibility that the screening could be Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

All the clues point to the fact that it is. In the UK, Star Wars is released on the 17th December, two days after the secret screening; a typical time period for the screenings before. We are told the film is either a PG or a 12a (PG13). That fits too. Also, the movie we are watching will be in 3D. Again, like Star Wars.

Would it annoy the fans hoping to be the first to see it?

Except it won’t be Star Wars. Of course it isn’t Star Wars. Cineworld are showing Star Wars at midnight of the 16th for fans hungry for new adventures in a Galaxy Far Far Away. If Unlimited fans got there first, that would take the shine off slightly. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to advertise a screening of Star Wars early – really push membership numbers for the Unlimited club?

Finally, as I booked my ticket and tried not to convince myself it was clearly Star Wars: I saw the final line of the information page. “Hint: The film will NOT be taking place in A Galaxy Far Far Away…”

Maybe it’s misdirection. Maybe that isn’t a hint against Star Wars and is actually a way of saying it IS Star Wars, double-bluffing.

This movie fits all the criteria too…

Or maybe, and more plausibly, the Secret Screening is actually The Peanuts Movie. That is released on the 21st December in the UK. It is in 3D and is definitely within the age restrictions parameters.  Of course, there is still that feeling that The Peanuts movie is hardly worthy of a Secret Screening, as much as I love Charlie Brown and the gang.

That leaves me slightly lost. This is where I need your help because I strongly doubt it’s Star Wars and it’s probably not The Peanuts Movie but nothing else seems to fit the criteria. Any ideas?

Overall, I’m very excited at the prospect of the Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening but at a lost to what it could be. All clues point to Star Wars: The Force Awakens but it can’t be! It just won’t be! Then again, The Peanuts Movie fits the bill too – except that it’s hardly worthy of the secretive treatment. Anyone have any other clues?

Regardless… I can’t wait!

67 thoughts on “My guess at the Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening

      1. I don’t think they would risk that one in all honesty. While I put it in my guesses as well. Great marketing to have it before Star Wars comes out!

        The worst one had to be Secret Life of Walter Mitty as they had just advertised an Unlimited Card holders preview the week later!

      2. I had a look at your guesses and I think it could be In the Heart of the Sea or Finest Hours but are either of those 3D?

      3. Yeah they are both in 3D. I made sure to only look at films that are due for release and in 3D to narrow down the possibilities 😉

      4. Yeah I agree! The more I’ve thought about it, quite a poor choice really. I’m sure a 2D one could have been so much better!

      5. I think so. It is a good way to make extra money, especially if most of your Unlimited customers have to pay the up-charge to view it in 3D. The timing is very teasing and slightly cheeky.

        I think that close to Star Wars meant that anything but Force Awakens would feel like a let-down though.

      6. Such great timing and I am sure loads of people will be expecting Star Wars, which should see the tickets being used up. They will make plenty of money on the drinks/sweets/food etc and if people walk out doesn’t make a difference. Win win for Cineworld!

      7. I’ve done the previous three! Have to admit the first one was the most exciting as stepping well and truly into the unknown.

      8. Planet of the Apes would be a great one because I loved that series. Wouldn’t mind Now You See Me but Walter Mitty would definitely have disappointed.

      9. Now You See Me was a decent one as was more than a month in advance. Apes turned out to be a few days before which was disappointing.

        People walked our of all of them at the start, don’t know why they bothered lol

      10. That’s interesting. I can’t imagine walking out unless it’s something I’m really against seeing (recent example 50 Shades) or maybe a sequel to a film I haven’t seen yet. Even then, I’ve put the time in and travelled, might as well stay.

      11. I didn’t mind the recent Oldboy too much. Never walked out of a film either, will always give it a chance – even Birth and Sex and the City 2!

    1. It’s not the snoopy movie as I just seen it at Glasgow Cineworld this says the movie is 122 mins long.same length a episode 7

      1. I think it’s nailed on to be In the Heart of the Sea. They’ve already sent another email out stating it isn’t Star Wars!

  1. Got my ticket for my local secret screening too. Just done some digging and the screening is 122 minutes, Star Wars is 136 minutes and In The Heart of the Sea is also 122 minutes…

  2. Surely no cinema will show it Christmas Day so opening on 25th or 26th is effectively the same thing. I also thought maybe possibly star wars but then noticed the same as above about the length of the film not matching, I will be happy with In The Heart Of The Sea if it is that,

  3. I am pretty sure it is In The Heart Of The Sea, if you go to book the screening you can see the film is 122 minutes long. I checked on IMDB and Star Wars and peanuts are both 132 minutes whereas In The Heart Of The Sea is 121 minutes which matches.

    I’ll be going!

  4. If I am correct and a film is coming out on 25th December, my money is on the heart of the sea, which could easily be shown in 3d.

  5. Completely agree that it will be Heart Of The Sea. The time at 7:30, and the length and the age rating, and the release dates all make sense. Plus, it needs to be a big enough film to make people stay, but not so large that it’d make more sense to advertise it to pull in more unlimited customers.

  6. Not interested in the slightest about that film, keep the charge for the 3D glasses Cineworld I won’t be coming along

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s that sea one about moby dick – when I booked the secret screening it had listed the run time as 2 hours 2 mins , the run time of that movie

  8. Well I’m gutted after reading this!
    My local cineworlds screening is almost entirely booked and i can’t believe the majority of people will be expecting the moby dick film, i’ll certainly taking the risk but will walk out if its not Star Wars. I don’t believe they’re even showing the MD film in 3d once it releases.

  9. Usually with the Secret Screenings there is more of a clue than just: It’s not Star Wars. Granted, there isn’t usually a movie of Star Wars’ calibur coming out the same week but nevertheless I think the clue is telling us more than the fact it isn’t Star Wars. It says it’s not from a galaxy far, far away BUT doesn’t say it’s not a long time ago so my guess is that it’s a film set ‘a long time ago’. Again, ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ fits so it’s highly likely that it’s that. Also, they had preview screenings at cineworld of ‘The Peanuts Movie’ about a couple of weekends ago so it’s definitely not that.

  10. One assumes we’ll find out in a few hours time.

    If those of you walking out wonder why everyone is laughing at you it will be down to the stupidity that a bunch of you seriously thought it was going to be Star Wars.

  11. Well as the world premiere has now happened in Los Angeles, then I believe it will be Star Wars. I mean there giving goodie bags out, what would you find in there for Moby Dick or under the sea film ….a bottle of water? 🙂
    I have tickets for Greenwich 02 cinema , my screening was the Third screening they released at the same time as other two showing for today…7.30pm. That’s a lot of unlimited customers.

    Also they are sending email to customers that if you are not going to attend your normal screening this week then please ring us and cancel as they would rather sell those tickets (currently £12 plus at 02) then have empty seats . So if they get unlimited customers out of the way, the better for them. If it isn’t Star Wars and you walk out no one’s gonna laugh as everyone attending today is in the same boat……watch out Moby Dick (see what I did)

    Stormtroopers, droids on the red carpet of ‘The Force Awakens’ world premiere in Hollywood

  12. This is copy and pasted from cineworld site : “Lastly, a couple of hints- the film will NOT be screening ‘In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…’ and it will not be cert 15, 15A, 16 or 18.”

    In the Star Wars Extended Universe aka Star Wars EU. Our earth galaxy is the Milky way galaxy and the Star Wars Galaxy are two separate places and billion miles away from each other. If it’s NOT screening in a galaxy far, far away…then in theory it can be screened in our Earth galaxy the Milky Way. The Galaxy far, far away is the Star wars galaxy. Therefore it will NOT be screening in a galaxy, far, far away…as Cineworld does not have any cinema locations there. 🙂

    As a star wars fan that’s what I read and whoever at cineworld wrote that blurb will be challenged to a LightSaber Duel as they probably tried to be clever and got it wrong..however let’s hope they are not.
    Let’s use the Force for a good outcome.

  13. Cineworld’s twitter seems to be getting great enjoyment in leading people to believe that it is going to be Star Wars so there’s going to be a major backlash when it’s not. The run time says it’s going to be 122 minutes: the exact run time of In the Heart of the Sea and 13 minutes fewer than the Star Wars run time.

  14. I personally think the film is going to be “Point Break (2015)”.

    1. It’s due out 25th of December.
    2. On Real 3D website only Point Break and Stars are listed as up and coming 3D films this December.
    3. Deliberate or mistake that this film doesn’t appear on Cineworlds coming soon list. (Well at least not on the mobile app).

  15. Lol at “Anonymous” well cineworld are proper teasing star wars right now on Twitter. I was convinced it was the sea film but now I’m not sure…. That 122 min run time thing no longer shows when buying tickets , so who knows …. Either way they’ve done a great job of planting seeds of doubt on the guess work. It’s my first screening and whatever the outcome is its been a really exciting experience to be part of already

    1. Glad I didn’t go.have my tickets for 10:30am Thursday for Star Wars.just need to stay off the internet till then

  16. Well heart of the sea -Tbf I want to see it however within minutes you can see that the movie clearly wasn’t made for 3D – picture was terrible so walked out after 10 mins and will watch in 2d instead – 10 mins in though and could see it had promise

  17. Personally I think cineworld have shot themselves in the foot with this one , I mean why give a random clue to a film by using a reference from a film it wasn’t , “wont be shown in a galaxy far away” I thought along the lines of a double bluff to it will be shown close to home then , give a clue to film it is , not a film it isn’t that was stupid .

  18. Went to the screening and hoped it would be The Revenant or Joy. I was so disappointed to see it was In The Heart of the Sea (as the reviews have been so bad) though I had a big feeling it would be.

    However they obviously didn’t test the film before showing as the 3D didn’t work. They restarted it and the same thing happened. I just left.

    Do better next time Cineworld!

  19. I felt a little bit tricked into believing it could be was star wars and got my hopes up again with the reference to star wars. left feeling like ive been made a fool of and now being mercilessly teased by friends not a good way to treat your most loyal customers cineworld , you could be losing my custom after that

  20. I wasn’t surprised if was the molby dick one, it. Even before i read the description saying it won’t be screening “in a galaxy far far away” I knew it seemed unlikely they’d show Star Wars. Unlike other Cineworld’s last night most didn’t get up and leave when the film started think only a few did to which I could hear some near by joking about. But I guess on In the heart of the sea after anything else in upcoming 3D seemed like a long shot and it would have seemed odd they would show The Peanuts Movie as a secret screening considering there had been advanced screenings on over the weekend.

    It was a huge risk in timing they took that’s for sure, but really I think it made sense marketing wise that they didn’t show it. Star Wars is going to be making a ton of money over a while now and other big budget movies are bound to be at risk of going unnoticed. It may be like giving another film most probably will pass on a chance

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