Would you walk out of the cinema?



Last week was the first Cineworld Secret Screening of the year and for many people it seemed to be a disappointment. I’ve covered why already but to summarise, some Unlimited members were expecting Deadpool and the screening was Triple 9 instead.

The title card showing Triple 9 was met with groans and then people walked out. Not many but enough to be noticeable. This isn’t the first time this has happened though. The first Cineworld Secret Screening I attended was In the Heart of the Sea, two days before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The title card revealed the “surprise” movie and then a host of people left their seats and made their way home (or maybe to a different film).

People weren’t happy the film was Triple 9 and walked out!

My question to you is: Would You Walk? The Cineworld Secret Screenings guarantee one thing, you will see a film that you can’t have already seen and that is being shown (usually) at least two weeks before it’s actual release. That means when the title card appears all you can be basing your instant decision to leave or stay on is what you may have heard about the movie or maybe the trailers you might have seen.

For me, this isn’t enough. When my Wife and I go to these events, we always make the deal that no matter what the film is, we stay and sit through it. There is a couple of reasons for this. The first is simple; we’ve made the journey. It may only be a ten minute car ride to our local cinema but we’ve made the effort, we’re out, in our seats, we may as well stay.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film

The second reason is my philosophy on all films, even before I started rating and reviewing them for this blog: keep an open mind. I have found some hidden gems by just giving unexpected movies a chance, recent examples being The Maze Runner or Joy. (This also means I’ve sat through some terrible films, like A Most Violent Year but that’s par for the course).

This leads into the third point. You may like it. No matter what you’ve heard, what the trailers seemed to show or what you wish the film had been, you may actually like the movie regardless. I have a theory that every movie ever made must have at least one person who appreciates it and even if the movie is terrible, you may be that person! The least you can do is give it a go.

I could have easily walked out of this movie!

On a side note, I have also never left a movie halfway through either. I have witnessed this on a few occasions as well and never quite understand it. If I’ve invested the time, I will stay to watch the remainder. I will also be left wondering if maybe there was a twist that justified how awful the film is, like “it was a dream” or “he was dead all along!”

Overall, after witnessing people leave the Cineworld Secret Screening of both In the Heart of the Sea and Triple 9 before the movie even started, it made me curious as to whether this was something you would do? I definitely wouldn’t but would love to know your opinion.

I’ve enjoyed both Secret Screenings

22 thoughts on “Would you walk out of the cinema?

  1. For me it would depend on how hyped up I was for the movie I thought it would be compared to how much I wanted to see the movie it actually was.

    Genre plays a role, too. If I was expecting Star Wars and got Joy,for example, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to hang around for it. Not necessarily because I don’t want to see Joy at all, but because I’m hyped up for something full of action and adventure. I’m not going to be in a headspace to enjoy Joy, even if it were something I sort of wanted to see. And Joy isn’t, really, but if it were, I wouldn’t want that first impression to be tainted by being something I wasn’t in the mood for). I’d *probably* have stuck around for In The Heart of the Sea, for a while at least.

    And maybe I’m just not that adventurous, but I don’t feel compelled to give my time to something I’m not interested in just because it’s available to me. So, I also think that regardless of what I thought the secret screening was, if it ended up being something I didn’t think I’d like, I’d probably cut bait. Once I’m out, I can find something to do if I want to be out and about. The same is true for leaving something I thought I might like but end up not enjoying at all (though, stars I like can often hold my interest even when a movie is otherwise unlikable).

    Of course, I’m not really familiar with Cineworld or Secret Screenings. I know Cineworld has a subscription service for movies, but are random secret screenings just a part of what you’ve already paid or do you have to pay extra for them? And can you get a refund if you have and don’t want to stay? In those instances, if it’s just part of the service whether I’ve gotten my money’s worth yet might affect my decision to stay. If I had to pay extra, I’d probably stay, and if I can’t get a refund, I’d definitely stay.

    1. It comes as part of the service. It is actually a very good membership if you ever found yourself interested. I think that is why plenty of people make the choice to leave to be honest, they don’t lose anything.

    1. It comes as part of a monthly membership you pay to see unlimited amount of films at the cinema. I guess that is how people justify walking.

  2. I was a manager for a movie theater and if the movie is bad people walked out all the time and sometimes they want a refund or passes

  3. Never heard of secret screenings before. Sounds interesting.

    I liked A Most Violent Year but it helps that I already enjoy J.C. Chandor’s style. And that Maze Runner series is far better than it has any right to be!

    1. I like that description for Maze Runner. Secret Screenings is an event that a national cinema chain runs for their “members.” I’ve been impressed so far but they are playing a dangerous game with their booking.

  4. Well, I walked out of the cinema three times in my life. Once I went with my wife (here in Brazil) to see an argentinian animated movie “Manuelita, the turtle”, but the animation was just too awful. so we walked out and sneak to watch “Dragonball Z:the movie” instead. Another time was with “Rambo IV”, way too gross trying to be taken seriously. and lately, “Transformers Age of Extinction”. Mind you, we both love loud and lousy and dumb movies, but even for those there are some parameters to be met. 😛

    1. Rocky surprises me. I just can’t see me doing it for any film but I guess the older I get, the more precious my time, the more I’m likely to make that decision.

  5. I don’t know why people were expecting a secret screening of Star Wars. That was never going to happen. With secret screenings I try and do a double or triple feature so it’s not the only film I’m going to see that day, for example I was worried that this one was going to be Grimsby which I had absolutely no interest in. I was actually pleased that it was Triple 9 as I had heard some good buzz about it, and I didn’t notice anyone walking out.

    Plus, I think with a little research you can narrow down the possibilities of the secret screening before you go and see it. But if, say, the secret screening had been Grimsby I would have walked out because the trailers haven’t appealed to me at all and life is too short to spend time on things that I don’t think I’ll enjoy. I may have given it 10 minutes to see if it’s actually better than what the trailers have shown, but if I wasn’t enjoying it I would have walked out no problem. Same with books I get from the library, I’ll just stop reading if I’m not enjoying it.

    1. Grimsby was the reason we decided to do make the “give it a go” agreement because it looks so bad from the trailers. The idea of doing a few films isn’t a bad one and I think because it’s for Unlimited card customers and the cost is already taken, that makes it easier to manage.

  6. The Unlimited card makes is easier to walk out for sure – but if you paid £24 quid for a couple of weekend tickets it’s a hard pill to swallow. I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but have done so for Valentine’s Day, Keith Lemon: The Film, Knight and Day, Bad Teacher (Actually fell asleep but same thing), The Secret World of Arrietty, The Tree of Life…

    I figure life’s too short to sit through something you clearly don’t like.

    1. Yeah, the “life’s too short” argument is a hard one to dismiss. I can see myself walking out of Keith Lemon and I can’t bring myself to watch Tree of Life. It just looks like I wouldn’t enjoy it.

  7. Unless it was an overly flowery chick-flick/romance (which I never really watch to begin with), I would just give it a chance. I’m already there, so I guess why not?

  8. Well, if you go to a preview screening not knowing what it will be you take a chance, but unless it was in a genre I don’t like (horror) I’d probably watch the film

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