Should the Deadpool sequel be Deadpool vs Wolverine?

Deadpool did what many superhero movies struggle to do; faithfully adapt their hero. It had everything you need for Deadpool: the comedy, the violence, the self-referential humour and the breaking of the fourth wall. It was a risk but one that has paid off for Fox (and Marvel).

This has led to the Deadpool sequel being green-lit and the R-Rated superhero making his return to the big screen in 2017. Fox are also bringing Wolverine back to the big screen too and this could solve an issue for the studio and their popular but ageing property. Hugh Jackman has signed on for one more movie and has been hinting at the excellent book “Old Man Logan” for the source material that will inspire the movie. This would prove to be both a great send-off for both Jackman and his version of Wolverine.

Jackman is going to have to hang up his claws

Fox can’t let their clawed hero go though and Wolverine will be recast. It will be a jarring and tricky move because Jackman has done such a good job of playing the X-Man. This is why placing the new Wolverine in the second Deadpool could solve those issues.

Fox could place the Wolverine sequel at the beginning of the summer, sending Jackman off with a bang but then place the new Wolverine in Deadpool’s sequel. This offers some opportunities for Fox to smooth over the transition. For starters, Deadpool is the only superhero who can actually reference the change! Jackman specifically got a mention in the Deadpool movie and that could make for a decent running joke, helping settle the fans of the original and introduce whoever takes over.

Deadpool can set the foundation for a R-Rated Wolverine 

Secondly, it sets the foundation for an R-Rated, violent and bloody Wolverine which is closest to the comics. As much as the fans hope and want, the final Jackman movie won’t be R-Rated. That is a gamble you can take with your unknown Ryan Reynolds property but not your potential summer tentpole. Once Jackman has left though, the new Wolverine could be placed in the sweary, bloody world of the Merc with the Mouth.

It will also be a great film. Wolverine and Deadpool are two very different characters who have many altercations, team-ups and battles in the comics. Deadpool is light and funny, Wolverine is gruff and settles for little nonsense. It makes for a great odd-couple combination which the movie could do well to take advantage of.

Overall, Deadpool vs Wolverine could be the R-Rated, clash of the heroes sequel that Deadpool needs while also solving the issue of introducing a new actor to Jackman’s iconic role. It can be self-referential, funny and best of all, violently faithful to the character from the comics, something sorely lacking from Jackman’s version.

Wouldn’t this just be a cool movie?!

2 thoughts on “Should the Deadpool sequel be Deadpool vs Wolverine?

  1. Interesting idea, however i’m not sure how well a serious character like Wolverine would fare in a Deadpool movie. The character worked well in the more recent X-Force books as part of the team with Wolverine, though his 4th wall breaking antics were no where to be found. good idea though, who do you think should be the next Wolverine?

    1. I think the fact he is so serious is what makes the idea work so well. They are poles apart! As for the casting of Wolverine, that is tricky. It is hard to look past Jackman. Norman Reedus seems a decent choice but his age could be a problem. I also quite like the idea of Scott Eastwood, he has the look and some age to do the movies.

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