My choice for the next James Bond

I’m getting my vote in early and campaigning way before the time. We aren’t even sure that Daniel Craig will be stepping down as the British spy but seeing as the rumours have already started and names have already been thrown into the arena, it is time to add mine: Tom Hiddleston.

That is right. Loki of Asgard himself, Tom Hiddleston. This is a new revelation but at this moment in time I can’t see anyone better stepping into the shoes of 007. For starters, he has the look. He is an attractive and suave man who can pull off the tuxedo with the required level of cool that Bond needs. He would also be believable as a womaniser.

Hiddleston has shown he can handle the action sequences

Second, he can handle the required action. He hasn’t had many action roles but the film that made him famous, Thor, did have him taking on the Thunder-God, albeit it with a large staff. More recently he held his own against thugs in recent BBC drama The Night Manager and he was caught in amongst the action in recent movie High Rise. Hiddleston can handle himself and has been working on a more chiseled physique to boot.

The third prerequisite for Bond – Hiddleston can act. Craig’s version of the character has upped the stakes on drama and it isn’t enough to just quip your way through the scenes. Hiddleston has shown, in his role as Marvel’s first major villain, that he can handle a humorous exchange, but if he is to follow in the footsteps of Craig, he will have to have some emotional heft too.

Hiddleston can bring the gentleman spy back to Bond

Not that his Bond will be a blunt instrument. A Bond played by Hiddleston feels like it would be a call-back to the more traditional version of the character. Not Roger Moore but certainly the more charming Connery or Brosnan. Spectre felt like it was reverting to the more traditional Bond and Hiddleston could make that transition too.

Hiddleston also stacks up against the contenders for the role. Idris Elba is always mentioned. The controversy behind a black Bond aside, Elba isn’t Bond. He isn’t the gentleman spy that the character requires. Bond is cool, but he isn’t Elba’s level of cool.

Elba could be too cool for Bond

Hardy could do a great job but it feels like the role would be taken too seriously. You can’t imagine Hardy with a sarcastic retort or a quip after a swift dispatch of an enemy. The main issue people had with Craig’s Bond was the lack of humour and the change won’t come with Hardy.

More recently has been Kit Harington. He ably played the spy role in the recent Spooks movie but he doesn’t have the required gravitas for Bond. He feels too weak and small to be Bond, not having the screen presence such an iconic character would require.

Overall, my choice for the next Bond is official. Views from the Sofa is officially behind the Tom Hiddleston campaign. He has the looks, the charisma, the action credentials and the acting talent to take on the super-spy. Just ask Hugh Laurie.

The campaign for Hiddleston as Bond starts here…


5 thoughts on “My choice for the next James Bond

  1. I´m waiting for a Bond movie which acknowledges that BOND is a nickname, a title passed on to several agents, so it validates all the Bonds in their different time periods.

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